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 Posted: Tuesday Nov 19th, 2013 09:01 pm
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Thank you for all your replies Guys.
I'm currently suing version 2.1.0 of comfigurator but am also currently trying to work out what has suddenly changed in my comfort for my lights to be playing around so will try and sort that first but also trying to find a UK disti who has the upgrade package available.

Is there a way to monitor real time what the comfort panel is doing so I can try and find out whats going on.

My program file is a bit of a mess as I used the first original comfort program that was full of commands whilst learning but I don't want to delete any incase I delete the wrong thing.

everything was working fine but something odds happen and my process of illimination is getting me more confused so I need to see what comforts doing.

Basically when the light sensor says its dark
opening the front door then turns on door light,
movement upstairs when dark turns on landing lights.

I have recently put some outside lights near the light sensor that turn on independently to the comfort system when dark.
I thought these were the route of my problem in that now movement upstairs wasn't turning on the landing lights till they outside lights had gone off.
off course I thought the light sensor was thinking it was light due to the outside lights coming on hence why upon movement upstairs and it checking the light sensor it didn't turn the lights on
But the front door still tuns on the door lights as normal even thou its dark outside and the outside lights are on.
Well confused? so am I

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