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 Posted: Tuesday Nov 19th, 2013 07:21 am
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Firstly we have a large number of Comfort sites and nearly every Comfort 1 that we service or maintain is upgraded to Comfigurator 2 .cclx file. To date we have not had any problems.

The things that Chiu point out are of course very valid - If you are upgrading I would say it would definately be worth while getting at least one new keypad.

One thing about the C1 parts the light sensor - we had so much trouble with this years ago that we tended to fit astronomical time relays they can be purchased for about £40.

If you have the original program you should be able to import it into comfigurator 3 and convert it. IF you dont have much programming then I would suggest starting with a default program we always use our own program with all those unused responses removed so the responses list has no unused responses - make the whole thing much tidier. 

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