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 Posted: Friday Apr 19th, 2013 11:43 am
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Control Page

The top left area are buttons to arm or disarm the system (the same thing can be done from within the alarms page as described in the previous section) 
The top centre title area shows the latest event/alarm
eg Alarm: System Armed - User01

The rest of the screen shows Home Control Group, Home Control Appliance and Home Control Actions
There are up to 8 Home Control Groups, each with 10 Home Control Appliances, with each Appliance having up to 10 Home Control Commands.
Start by selecting a Home Control Group

The screen shows the Lights Group.
In the above example Porch Light was selected. The Home control Command on the right shows the available commands for Porch Light. The status for all the appliances in the Lights group is displayed in the centre pane

To go to the alarms page swipe to the left
To go to the Cameras Page swipe to the right

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