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 Posted: Sunday Oct 7th, 2012 05:05 pm
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I removed the normally open zone that shared the same com terminal as the faulty zone and it still went off, so we know it's not that!

Now I have put a wire in each of the 3 PIRs across the alarm terminals to see if it alarms tonight - if it does, we know it is interference from 230 v wires not the PIRs themselves.

I have also wired the PIRs to latch if they are triggered, so we can see if it is a faulty PIR. Luckily the type of PIR can latch the light even if the alarm contacts are shorted - so I can test for a faulty PIR and interference at the same time.

Another thought......Could it be anything to do with the battery test? I read that when battery test is done, AC is removed for 2 mins (as set in comfigurator)

Funny that the problem only started when I connected 2 RIOs and 5 TWS02s....could the battery not have enough power when it goes into test and this stops power to the PIRs and set them off?

Funny thing is it does not remove power to other PIRs or fire detectors.....but perhaps there is enough power for them just not for the last thing drawing current on the circuit.

I'll let you know how the testing goes!

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