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Updated 23 August 2014

KT03 firmware is upgraded via the KT03 USB port, or via another UCM. Upgrading by the KT03s USB port is much faster than by another UCM, but the 2nd method is possible via the Internet

To upgrade K03 firmware via its USB port, Connect the PC to the KT03 USB port and run Comfigurator. Comfigurator 3.8.x or later should be used for this procedure.

Go to Options > Settings, Select USB and select the handle to the right.
If you have another UCM/USB connected then you will see 2 USB serial numbers. Disconnect the USB from the UCM so that you can identify the correct KT03 USB port

Check the "Via KT03" box

In Comfigurator, go to the Modules Tab, right click the KT03 on the left pane.

Select Check for Firmware Updates. This automatically downloads the latest firmware from the Cytech server and starts the firmware upgrade.

You will be asked to enable Engineer Mode before the firmware upgrade can start. Press F and 0 on any keypad to enable Engineer mode.

The firmware upgrade takes a few minutes  via the KT03's USB port
If the firmware upgrade fails for any reason do not reset the KT03. Repeat the firmware upgrade.
If the upgrade fails and cannot recover even after repeated attempts,  you must use the UCM with Programming cable to upgrade the KT03 Firmware

The procedure for upgrading via another UCM is shown in the next post

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