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 Posted: Sunday Jun 10th, 2012 10:14 am
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The new UCM/Dupline Interface to Smart-House (Dupline) by Carlo Gavazzi is now available. See on the Cytech website
The UCM/Dupline manual can be downloaded from

The UCM/Dupline requires either  RS232F (RS232 Interface with Female DB9 connector) or or AUX485 RS485 interface, must be ordered separately

UCM/Dupline with RS232F interface is shown above

This allows Comfort to control and monitor any of the 129 Dupline addresses (A1 to A8, B1 to B8, ...,  P1 to P8) by connecting to the CTRLX Smart-house controller (may also be known as Dupline Master Generator).

This  provides the following benefits to a Dupline system:
  • telecontrol through any telephone inside or outside the premises to control and monitor the status of Dupline devices
  • Able to send a commands to Set Output On/OFF, Set Input On/Off or activate Momentary Input for all Dupline addresses.
  • allows alarm inputs and alarm conditions to be linked to Dupline for full  integration of alarm and lighting.
  • allows Dupline switches to trigger Comfort Responses, allowing control of non-Dupline appliances like air-conditioners, home entertainment systems, and linking to all of Comfort's security and control functions.
  • Acts as a gateway to other systems e.g. KNX, C-Bus, Z-Wave, Velbus etc.
  • functions as a central controller for Dupline. Comfort is able to take action based on conditional logic, for example, when the time is between 7 PM and 7 AM and the security system is armed, and when the front door is opened, turn on the Living Room lights for 3 minutes.
Comfigurator 3.5.x is required for programming the new UCM/Dupline
Minimum requiresments
  • Comfort firmware version 6
  • UCM firmware version 6

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