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 Posted: Sunday Nov 6th, 2011 03:40 pm
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Hi :-) Thanks again for the help.

The howling is local house phone to door station - that's the only one I have tried so far as that would be the one we mainly used I think.

The system is set up as follows - we have the main Comfort unit in our utility room. From there I have KA and KB and Mic out and Spk In on a pair of twisted each in a shielded CAT 6 UTP (the one with solid core) cable. This runs under the house for probably 10 to 15ms max and is then connected to some armoured solid CAT 6 cable. This runs under the drive and up into the garage where the KA and KB are connected to the SEM and the Mic ou and Spk in to the DM02. That cable is probably 8ms long.

The DM02 is connected to the DS02 via Shielded Cat 6 cable for 5 m this then connected to armoured CAT 6 which runs the last 4m to the Door Station.



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