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UCM/CBUS 6.010
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 Posted: Sunday Nov 6th, 2011 05:24 am
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29 August 2011
  1. Blink RDY led when CBUS CAL message received
  2. When cbus power up (PUN) is received, reset UCM/CBUS within 5 seconds
  3. Resend smart mode and options commands every 60 secs because of reported problems from a few users that SIM goes into wrong mode after a few weeks
  4. Improved Initialisation of SIM module
  5. completely decipher smart mode and basic mode commands include ack 32H
  6. Compare received header from SIM with expected mode, if not correct, re-initialise
  7. send initialisation string to reset EXSTAT mode so SIM which have EXSTAT set at factory can be reset. Can work for all SIMs
  8. Check extended Status reply but dont handle it yet
  9. Implemented Firmware Upgrade by Bus
  10. Replaced by CBUS 6.011

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