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UCM/CBUS 5.203 to 5.208
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 Posted: Tuesday Feb 16th, 2010 05:46 am
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UCM/CBUS 5.203 (Beta) firmware allows the Security Armed Mode to be sent to Cbus when Comfort is armed, with values 01 = Away, 02 = Night, 03 = Day, 02= vacation. Previous UCM/Cbus firmware sent either 01 (armed) irrespective of what mode Comfort is armed to.

However C-Bus devices report 01 = Fully Armed, 02 = Partially armed, 03 , 04 = Armed to Special Mode.

The attached .cbf file can be used to upgrade UCM/Cbus firmware via UCM05, UCM/232, UCM/USB or UCM/Ethernet

Note: UCM/Cbus 5.203 does not work with new Cbus SIM Daughterboard with ST7 micro

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 Posted: Friday Dec 31st, 2010 01:56 am
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UCM/Cbus 5.208
  • Security Armed State will have values 1 to 4 depending on security mode instead of common 1 when armed.
  • If zone is bypassed at UCM/Cbus reset, this is reported to to Cbus.
  • Multiple Cbus  messages can be received and handled.
  • Existing Line cut, AC Failure and  low battery alarms are notified to C-Bus when C-Bus is connected to  Comfort.
  • Zone states are reported to Cbus when Cbus is connected
  • Faster initialisation of Cbus interface especially when the Security Application is not present on the C-Bus (eg C-Touch)
  • Fixed bug when Cbus addresses > 128 not reported correctly
  • Added STOP ramp SAL command,  handle Label DLT message
  • Messages to C-Bus larger than 45 bytes (concatenated messages) are aborted in keeping with the Cbus serial interface spec.
  • Security Application Password Good/Bad supported
  • Sending commands to other applications besides Lighting will update the counter related to the group address.
Note: UCM/Cbus firmware 5.208 and below  not work with new Cbus SIM Daughterboard with ST7 micro pictured below

This firmware UCM 5.208 and below should onlybe used  with SIMs labelled 1223/x, and  1151/x as shown below

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