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UCM/Cbus Firmware 5.200, 5.202
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 Posted: Tuesday Feb 16th, 2010 05:42 am
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UCM/Cbus 5.202 (12 January 2010)
  • Supports new SIM Module with ST IC
UCM/CBus 5.200 (13 October 2009)
  • UCM/Cbus will not send date and time to C-bus when C-Bus changes date and time unless the date and time is changed, to prevent multiple date and gtime messages on C-Bus caused by either Comfort or C-Bus chaning date and time.
  • Cbus Transmit Buffer increased from 254 to 600 bytes
  • All Comfort zones reported at UCM/Cbus Reset. Note that the BUSY2 led will remain on while Comfort zones are being updated. This may take 30 seconds or so
  • UCM/Cbus supports scanning of UCMs in Comfigurator 3.1.3 and reports Type, firmware version and revision
Please note a bug has been discovered up to Cbus 5.217
  • Sending commands to other applications besides Lighting will update the counter related to the group address. 
Eg when you send a command to Cbus Trigger application at group address 1 to 255, then Counter 1 will change to 255 as well. The Counter should only be updated by the Lighting application
This will be fixed in the next firmware version

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