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Cequra 2 siren stopping working, "hanging".
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 Posted: Sunday May 30th, 2010 06:27 pm
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I have a Cequra 2 siren connected to Comfort as follows:

Comfort       Cequra 2
SRN +           +VE Hold off
SRN -            Siren
COM             -VE Hold off
Input Zone    Tamper (-VE)
S12V             Set
STR -             Strobe

Two resistors supplied with Cequra were also needed from +VE Hold off to Siren and Strobe to prevent permanent activation. Siren and strobe are set to -VE applied/positive removed triggering SAB mode and siren reverse is not activated in settings.

The problem:
The siren works fine when tested for a day or two but then stops activating to triggered alarms. The strobe always works correctly.
If I climb up and disconnect the battery and wired supply to "reboot" the siren so to speak it will work correctly again for a few days.

I suspect that the Alarm2beeps siren when arming command may have something to do with it as I have never heard beeps from the siren when arming, I have tried adjusting the siren lengths as mentaioned elsewhere to no effect.

Do you have any suggustions what might be causing my siren to hang like this?

Thank you,


 Posted: Monday May 31st, 2010 03:48 am
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When this happens again, ie siren does not sound, measure the voltage between +Hold Off and Siren terminals at the siren. It may give a clue

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