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Disable Answer Machine
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 Posted: Thursday Nov 24th, 2011 11:53 pm
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Is there anyway to disable the answer machine totally in a comfort 1 system?

Comfigurator will not work with this system so I have to do it all via the key pad.

I have tried setting location 40 to 130 but the answer machine still works.

Basically I have to get the system to a basic alarm with no answer machine or no dial out.

I have given the user user2 so that they do not have access to the programming menu (need to keep things simple), but as the answer machine still works messages are getting left for user 1 so they do not have access to this.

I'm hoping this is a simple setting.

Also, are the comfort 1 manuals available anywhere for download?



 Posted: Friday Nov 25th, 2011 02:08 am
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Comfort I manuals are in

You may be able to use Comfigurator 2 if Comfigurator 3 gives an error

You can prevent comfort from answering the phone by setting number of rings  to a large number say 99
In Keypad, user meny press 9 for Program Menu, 1 for answering machine, 1 for number of rings and  select 0 to 3 for each mode
Program menu can only be accessed by user 1

You can prevent the system from taking messages  by deleting the Greeting message
again in Keypad, user menu press 9 for Program Menu, 1 for answering machine, 5 erase greeting message

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