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Phone Dialling on Alert
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 Posted: Thursday Jul 23rd, 2009 08:07 pm
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Is it possible to limit the amount of times the system rings a phone without it being picked up, or even if it is picked up, but the #key is not pressed?

We had a situation the other day that both of our phones where out of range and therefore were unable to pick up when there was (on this occasion) a power-cut. The powercut happened for about 1hr 30mins and in this time it managed to fill up both of our mobile's voice-mailboxes. (eg leaving several very long messages repeating the same thing).

If it could be limited to about 5 attempts and then stop, we would at least have the notification that the house had rung.

It would also be helpful if it could cut the message after 1min if it connected to a voice-mail.



 Posted: Friday Jul 24th, 2009 02:53 am
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The number of redial tries is limited to default by 5, this is in Comfigurator > Telecoms > Dialing
Please check your settings

If there is a repeated alarm eg if the power cut was restored and recurred, then a fresh round of 5 attempts would be made. Please check your event log to determine what alarms caused  the dial out and if this was repeated

It is not possible for Comfort to know that the call was answered by Voicemail or a real person

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