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X10 IR Commands
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 Posted: Wednesday Jun 30th, 2010 06:53 pm
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Hi to all!

I have installed 2 systems recently, and was thinking to use X10 IR remotes (Marmitek EasyTouch35) setted to sed the X10 commands thru IR instead of RF.
I tried to make a test with X10 receive code A1 OnResponse, doing Keypad Announce, Word TEST.
I obtained no Announcemente on the keypad and went to the IO Monitor, to see if the IR command was passing thru the Rs485 Bus.


I took a look at the Comfort manuals again... LOL, and saw that i needed to do a thing that hadn't done by mistake, that was to join the ground of the Comfort pannel, to the ground of a secondary power supply, feeding the SEMs and KPs.
I thought it would work after that, because it was even logical that it wouldn't work without the GNDs linked.

NOTHING, again!

After this, I went to another of my clients, and once I was there, and he had a previous firmware, I tried to test the same thing on that system and was well succeeded! IO Monitor Shower XFxxx....

Did anyone had this experience?
Do you think that it is due to powering the SEM and the KP from another power supply?

Thanks in advance!

 Posted: Thursday Jul 1st, 2010 05:13 am
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Connecting the ground together would not make any difference

Which is the firmware which could receive the X10 IR codes and which firmware could not? That is important information

X10 IR is hardly used now so this has not been tested for a long time

 Posted: Thursday Jul 1st, 2010 06:50 am
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The mystery has been solved
X10 IR codes are meant to control X10 devices connected to the powerline, and not to trigger X10 Responses.

Hence if you press the A1 On button on the X10 IR remote control, this turns on the X10 A1 module if the X10 interface XM10E is connected to Comfort. It does not activate the X10 Response

There is no difference between the firmware in your installations. You must have an X10 Interface in one of them and not on the other.

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