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Comfort CP9000 Technical Specs
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 Posted: Sunday Jan 7th, 2018 10:15 am
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This can be downloaded as pdf file from

  • 8 programmable zones on control panel, expandable to 16 with Local Expansion Module, and 96 with Slave Expansion Module (on RS485 bus)
  • Each zone configurable for 0 or 2 EOL resistors.
  • Dedicated Tamper Input
  • Up to 32 predefined Zone types to simplify zone configuration
  • Programmable Sensitivity of 20 ms to 850 ms for each zone type.
  • Able to cater for shock sensors using Zone Sensitivity and Pulse counts
  • Surge protection on all inputs via varistors and Transient Voltage Suppressors
General Purpose Outputs
  • 8 open collector outputs on Comfort controller
  • Local Expansion Module LEM01-M2 has 8 open collector Outputs
  • Slave Expansion Module has 8 open collector outputs
  • Each open-collector output can be programmed for On/Off or pulsed operation or can send infrared signals through IR01W Infrared transmitter
  • Surge protection on all outputs (including Bell,  Speaker and Strobe) surge protection devices.
Dedicated Alarm Outputs
  • Bell Output (thermal fuse limited at 1.6 A) 12V with programmable siren patterns, supervised.
  • Speaker Drive with 20 siren patterns. 2 level setting with Alarms at full volume and adjustable volume for indication and warning tones.
  • Keypad acts as internal audible for siren sounds
  • Strobe output (12v)
Power Supply
  • 16 VAC 40VA Adapter or transformer for CM9000 and Slave.
  • Backup Battery requirement: 12V 7 AH sealed lead-acid battery for CM9000 and Slave.
  • Resettable Fuse protection for power supply
  • 1 A regulated auxiliary supply  and switched auxiliary supply for detectors for CM9000 and Slave.
  • Supervised for Mains failure, Low Battery and Battery disconnected
  • Reverse protection for battery connection
  • Current consumption (idle mode, no external load) approximately 150 ma from 12V supply
  • Battery Protection cuts off battery when voltage drops below 10.5 volts during Mains Failure
  • Current Limited charging of Battery (200 mA)
Auxiliary Supply Output
  • 12V unswitched supply
  • 12V switched supply (reset under Response control)
  • Note: Both auxiliary supplies and 8 Outputs have a combined current limit of 1 A (resettable fuse)
  • CM9000 Comfort PCB size: 230 x 130 mm. Components max 50 mm height
  • CP9000 includes galvanised steel enclosure (310W x 350L x 95D mm, thickness 1.0 mm) and Transformer, Carton Box: 380 x 410 x 165 mm., Weight: 4.7 Kg with enclosure
  • Surge, overvoltage  and Overcurrent Protection
  • Surge and overvoltage protection on all outputs (including Bell,  Speaker and Strobe) via varistors and Transient Voltage Suppressors
  • Surge and overvoltage protection on all Inputs via varistors and current limiting devices
  • Overcurrent Protection on outputs and 12V supply via Resettable Fuses
  • Overvoltage and resettable Fuse Protection on  Telephone Line Input
Telephone Operation
  • Works with any telephone in the home or remote dial in to control all operations
  • Local and Remote programming possible from any touch tone telephone.
  • Comprehensive Voice Menu for ease-of-use.
  • Supervised for telephone line cut.
  • Surge and power-cross protection for phone line interface.
  • Nonvolatile EEPROM memory maintains programming when power is removed.
  • Event log  remotely accessible by telephone or can be uploaded to PC via Comfigurator
Security Modes
  • 5 security modes allow easy arming and disarming
  • Security  Off Mode - System disarmed
  • Away Mode - System fully armed
  • Night Mode - System partially armed.
  • Day Mode - Perimeter doors and Windows only armed.
  • Vacation Mode - Fully armed, but up to 8 vacation responses are activated which turn on and off appliances at randomized times of day.
Security Features
  • Force-Arm option when arming with open zones
  • Bypass Zones
  • Automatic Arm/Disarm with Time Program
  • Remote Arm/disarm (with user authorization)
  • Programmable Delay Zones
  • Bell Delay and Dial Delay Options
  • Programmable authorization levels for each user for Local Arm, Local Disarm, Remote Arm, Remote Disarm, Disarm after alarm, Home Control, Programming
  • Away Arm methods: Arm after final door, Arm after delay, Exit Terminator
  • Security-linked activation of lights and appliances.
  • Voice Announcement of Zone (or chime)
  • 4 Partitions, ie independent alarm systems with independent zones, users and keypads, and siren outputs for each partition.
  • Compliant with EN50131 European Standards for Intruder Alarms
System Trouble Supervision
  • Low Battery. Automatic Battery Test interval
  • Battery disconnected
  • Mains failure
  • Telephone Line cut
  • Individual Zone tamper (open-circuit, short circuit) with double EOL resistors.
  • Dedicated Tamper Input
Alarm Types
  • 31 programmable alarm types including user-definable alarm types
  • Predefined alarm types include Intruder, Fire, Gas, Panic, Duress, Arm, Disarm etc. Each alarm type selects a siren pattern, telephone  combination, can trigger a user-defined response, which turns on/off appliances, lights etc. Each alarm type can be set to report to any combination of the telephone numbers
  • Dialer / Digital Communicator
  • 8 programmable telephone numbers. Each alarm type activation can be programmed to dial to any combination of telephone numbers (split reporting)
  • Each number can be assigned to 4 Phone Types: Central station, Voice Phone,  SMS (with UCM/GSM)
  • SMS (with UCM/GSM) automatically displays system ID, alarm type and Zone name or User number
  • 2 Central Monitoring station numbers supported with individual account numbers.
  • CMS Digital communicator formats supported include  Contact ID
  • Dialout to voice phone provides announcement of alarm type activated and allows the called party to sign in to interrogate the system or activate 2 way voice option.
Codes
3 levels of access:
  • 16 user codes with 4 to 6 digits
  • Master User (default User 1) able to access User Program Mode
  • Engineer code for system and security settings
  • Duress code
  • Each user code has individual authorization settings for Local Arm, Local Disarm, Remote Arm, Remote Disarm, Disarm after Alarm, and User Program.
False Alarm Filtering Features
  • 2 way voice intercom on  Keypad
  • Zones may be assigned as alert-type zones which require activation of another zone to trigger a confirmed alarm
  • Local alarm warning option for entry time-out prior to full alarm (Entry Warning Time).
  • 2-resistor EOL allow any wiring short or open-circuit condition to be detected as zone trouble.
  • Zones may be programmed as delay zones in Night Mode to prevent false alarms.
Event Log
  • 600 events (Ultra)
  • Full voice log, with date/time stamp and voice description of events
  • Local or remote access to event log.
  • Read to PC for Saving/viewing/printing
  • Events Reported: Arming and Disarm (with user number), Zones triggered, Zone Troubles, Zone Bypass and Unbypass, Alarm Types activated, Time/Date Change, System Reset, Dialout Attempts and acknowledgment
  • 2 way listen/talk on Keypad from any home or remote telephone
  • Keypads act as intercoms. Any keypad can talk to all other keypads or to any selected keypad
Baby Monitor Mode for keypad.
  • Intercom between Door station and Keypad or telephone.
X10 Interface
  • Built-in interface to X10 network via PSC05(110V 60 Hz) TW7223 (230V 50 Hz) module.  X10 modules not supplied
Time Programs
  • 32 Time programs are available for Control of Home appliances/lights or Auto arming or disarming (Ultra)
  • Each Time Program can be set to activate on any combination of day of week (Monday to Sunday) as well as public holidays. Up to 16 public holidays may be programmed. Programmable for Automatic Daylight Savings adjustments.
Real Time Clock/Calendar, Sunrise/ Sunset Times
  • Real time clock with calendar
  • Automatic time adjustment for Daylight saving
  • Sunrise/Sunset times programmable by City or location coordinates
  • ETH03 ethernet interface allows Internet time synchronisation
Vacation Programs
  • 8 vacation programs can be set to any combination of day of week (Monday to Sunday) as well as public holidays. Each vacation program has programmable Start time and duration, and Response. Start Time and Duration are randomized to simulate human operation.
  • Responses (programs) that can be activated by Events (eg Zones activated and Restored, alarm trigger, Schedules, Sunset/Sunrise, Keypad buttons, system armed and disarmed, Doorbell etc)
Telephone Answering machine
  • Digital Answering machine with 10 minutes of recorded messages for Incoming messages, Greeting message, Mailbox Names, Reminder messages
  • 8 programmable mailboxes with individual sign-in codes.
  • Recorded messages with individual time/date stamps.
  • Answering machine is accessible from any phone in the house, keypad or remote phone.
  • Recordable greeting message and user names for each mailbox.
  • Remote access of messages from any telephone.
  • New Messages can be programmed to dial out to a programmed phone to deliver the message.
  • When message memory is full, a new incoming message will cause the oldest saved message to be erased automatically.
  • User-programmable Ring count for answering and message time.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker, IR receiver
  • One touch arm to Away, Night, Day Modes
  • Two-button Panic and Fire emergency keys
  • 16 Programmable short cut function keys
  • Full-duplex Intercom with other Keypads,  Door Station, works as Baby Monitor
  • Status LED indicators for armed/disarmed, trouble, alarm, new message, power fail, low battery, microphone in use.
  • Up to 8 per system
  • KP04A with Infrared receiver, speaker. microphone 2 x 16 LCD
  • KP06A with Infrared receiver, speaker. microphone 2 x 16 LCD, System 55 Frame
  • KP03 with Infrared receiver, speaker, microphone without LCD
Door Station Intercom
  • When the doorbell is pressed in Home or Night Mode, the home phone will ring. The home phone or keypad can be used to talk to the visitor. In Away or Vacation Mode,  the system dials out to the preprogrammed phone number to allow direct conversation with the visitor. Optionally asks the visitor to record a message if no one answers the call.
Comfigurator Software
Windows -based Installer software for
  • Read, Write, Save and Load  system configuration
  • Viewing and printing Event Log
  • Response Wizard for creation and editing of Responses
  • Upgrading Firmware for Comfort, Keypad and other modules
  • Upgrading Voice Vocabulary
External Interfaces
Interfaces to PC for programming with Comfigurator
  • USB
  • Ethernet
Interfaces to widely used automation systems;
  • KNX
  • C-Bus by Schneider
  • Modbus
  • Velbus
  • eHome Green
  • Z-wave
  • "Universal” general interface to user-defined protocol
Approvals / Test Reports/ Certifcation
  • ETSI EN 301 489-1 &7:2002 – for Europe safety
  • ETSI TS103 021-1,2,3 (2003) – Europe Telephony
  • EN/IEC60950-1  Safety of Information Technology Equipment
  • AS/NZ CISPR22:2002 – for Australia/NZ EMC
  • AS/ACIF 2002  - Australia Telephony
  • IDA TS PSTN 1(Singapore) – Singapore Telephony
  • SIRIM (Malaysia) – Malaysia Telephony
  • TIA-968-A, FCC 47 CFR Part 68 – US Telephony
  • FCC Part 15C:2004 (Class B) – US EMC
Optional Modules
  • The following modules can be connected to Comfort on an RS485 bus
  • Keypads - max 8
  • Door Stations - Max 3
  • UCMs - Max 8
  • Slave Expansion Modules - max 5
  • IRIO - Max 15
  • TSM Temperature Sensing Module - max 15
  • HIO Hotel I/O max 15
Part Numbers
  • CP9000-ULT Comfort Control panel. 8 inputs, 8 outputs exapandable to 64 Inputs/64 Outputs, 2 way X10, Answering machine 8 mailboxes with Enclosure. 1023 Responses, 32 Time Programs, 16 Reminders, 60 Home Control Menus
  • CP9000-OPT Comfort Control panel. 8 inputs, 8 outputs exapandable to 64 Inputs/64 Outputs, 2 way X10, Answering machine 8 mailboxes with Enclosure. 127 Responses, 16 Time Programs, 8 Reminders, 10 Home Control Menus
  • CSM03/CT Current Transformer - requires CSM03-PCB
  • CSM03-PCB Current Sensor PCB for 2 x CSM03-CT, plugs into 2 adjacent Comfort Inputs
  • DS01 Aluminium Door station with monochrome/colour camera options
  • IR01W Infrared Transmitter with cable 1 meter
  • IRW03 Infrared Transmitter with stick-on flat emitter with visible LED and cable.
  • IRR01 - Infrared Receiver to be used with RIO inputs.
  • KP04A LCD Keypad. Up to 8 keypads per system, with IR receiver
  • KP06A LCD Keypad  System 55 frames. Up to 8 keypads per system, with IR receiver
  • KP03 Keypad. Up to 8 keypads per system, with IR receiver
  • LEM01-M2 Local Expansion Module 8 Inputs/8 Outputs. Connected to Control Panel or Slave Expansion Module (Max 1)
  • LEM02-M2 Local Expansion Module 8 Inputs (0 Outputs). Connected to Comfort II controller  or Comfort II Slave  (Max 1 per controller or slave)
  • LEM03-M2  Local Expansion Module with 16 inputs, no outputs .Connected to Control Panel  (Max 1). Not applicable if Slaves are installed in system.
  • RLY01H or RLY02/8 Relay Module with 4 or 8 relays with Normally Open dry contacts  for low voltage switching
  • RGR05 Universal Ringer Module
  • SEM01-M2 Slave Expansion Module. 8 inputs, 8 outputs. 1 LEM may be connected locally to provide another 8 inputs and/or 8 outputs. Includes Power Supply and battery charger Size 230 x 130 mm
  • SEM02-M2 - Slave Expansion Module. 8 inputs, 8 outputs. 1 LEM may be connected locally to provide another 8 inputs and/or 8 outputs. Requires 12V power supply. Size 130 x 110mm
  • TWS01/TWS02 Single/Dual  Lighting Control Module (for two way switching)
  • UCM/Eth03 - UCM with Ethernet Interface
  • UCM/USB - UCM with USB Interface
  • UCM/232 - UCM with Rs232 inteface
  • UCM/CBUS2 - Comfort to Cbus Interface
  • UCM/GSM4 - GSM Interface
  • UCM/KNX2 - KNX Interface
  • UCM/eHomeGreen - Interface to eHomeGreen system.
  • UCM/HDL - HDL Lighting system Interface
  • UCM/Velbus - Velbus Interface
  • UCM/Zwave - Comfort to Zwave Interface
  • UCM/Universal - Universal programmable Interface to 3rd party systems.
  • UCM/Modbus - Interface to Modbus
  • UCM/Heatmiser - Interface to Heatmiser Thermostats
  • IRIO - Intelligent Remote I/O
  • IRIO/TWS - Two Way Switch Lighting IRIO Module 4 -channel
  • IRIO/Blinds - Blinds IRIO Module 2-channel
  • TSM01 - Temperature Senor Module
  • HIO01 - Hotel Room Control Module
  • Language Options. Voice Menu available in English and Chinese, and can be recorded in other languages.
Manuals Available
  • User Manual
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Installation Manual
  • Programming with Comfigurator
  • Manuals can be downloaded from http:/
Control Panel Packaging
  • Panel Carton dimensions : 368 x 370 x 150 mm (including polyfoam end caps)
  • Panel enclosure dimensions: 310 (W) x 350 (H) x 95 (D)  mm
  • Panel weight : 4.7 Kg
KP04A/KP05  Keypad Packaging
  • Size 85 (W) x 160 (L) x 35 (D)
  • Weight: 221 grams.. Carton box dimensions 95 x 167 x 45 mm
  • Temperature 0 to 50 deg C
  • RH 0 to 95% RH noncondensing

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