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U/G of Comfort II & UCMs to
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 Posted: Thursday May 10th, 2012 08:57 pm
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I have a Comfort II system with 2 UCM05's (Serial versions).

I'm planning to upgrade everything to the latest and greatest versions.

I've checked the relevant posts on the forum but just want to be 100% clear to make sure I don't "brick" anything :-)

I can't remember the exact version my Comfort II system is (but it's >=5.183 ULT) and currently the UCMs are both at 5.212 version.

So what's the recommended order to upgrade, i.e. UCMs first or Comfort main-board?

I appreciate that I'll need to use the "cable method" until everything is at

Also can I jump straight from my current versions straight to the latest versions for both Comfort & UCM?

 Posted: Friday May 11th, 2012 12:55 am
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Well, I'd recommend to upgrade the UCMs first then only the Comfort main panel.

And yes, you can jump straight from your current versions to the latest for both Comfort and UCM.

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