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DP03x Problems
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 Posted: Saturday Jan 1st, 2011 09:42 am
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Happy New Year to everyone.

I need help with a DP03x door phone and a DM02. The symptoms:

Door bell button works fine.
When I answer from inside the house on a telephone I can hear the person fine and the person at the door can hear me.
When I answer from inside the house from a KP04 I can hear them but its quiet but they cant hear me. I think it is working but very faint. If I turn up the volume on the KP04 I get howling.

If I answer the door bell from outside the house on my mobile then the DP03x howls very loudly and I cant hear anything on the mobile.

I've tried importing settings using Comfigurator but nothing has changed.

Can anyone advise how I can fix this? Do you need more information on my system? (running .199 firmware on the Comfort II Ultra board. Not sure what firmware on the one Slave I have).



 Posted: Sunday Jan 2nd, 2011 02:27 am
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Please send your cclx file to so we can look at your configuration and test. You  should be using the latest Comfigurator 3.2.4 which shows the modules installed. You should have written the configuration  to Comfort so that the modules would have neen scanned.

We will look at this when we get back to work next week

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