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Cytech Logic Controllers
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 Posted: Sunday Aug 26th, 2018 07:16 am
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Cytecch's Logic Controllers have been designed as Automation Controllers, similr to Comfort CM9000/9001 but with the Alarm, Voice, Telephone Dial-out features.

LGX01 Logic Engine has 8 inputs and 8 Outputs expandable to 96 Inputs and Outputs, using Slave Expansion and Local Expansion Modules

UCM/Logic Controller is similar to LGX01 Logic Engine, but it does not have any Inputs and Outputs

Photos are not to scale

Both LGX01 and UCM/Logic have Responses, Counters, Flags, Sensors, Time Programs. They can be connnected to all the Comfort UCM Interfaces including USB, Ethernet, KNX, Cbus, Velbus, Modbus, and other Cytech modules like IRIO (Remote Input/Output Module), MSM01 Multi-sensor Module (temperature/Humidity) , HIO Hotel Input/Output, Temperature Sensor.
Power Supply is 12V 1 Amps
These 2 products are powerful low cost products suitable for automation applications

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