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KT03 Firmware 7.001 Beta
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 Posted: Saturday Dec 8th, 2012 07:59 am
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The new KT03 firmware 7.001 beta will have the following changes
  1. Allow Firmware Upgrade By Bus (require UCM version 7 and Comfort Version 7 with Comfigurator 3.6.x). This allows KT03 to be upgraded from the LAN or Internet without having to go on site. This is a major benefit for installers when the customer site is far away. However note that Bus upgrade is much slower than direct USB upgrade
  2. Also allows Upgrade of other KT03s and UCMs through the USB port
  3. Allows Write and Read to EEPROM by Comfigurator via UCM (as well by by the KT03 USB port). This allows remote programming of KT03. However the write and read by UCM willl be much slower, about 30 minutes instead of 5 minutes by the KT03 USB port.
  4. KT03 Firmware numbering now follows the UCM, hence firmware is now version 7
  5. Allow ID to change by Comfigurator 3.6.x
  6. Greatly Improved Firmware Upgrade by Bus and Direct

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