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Upgrading from Comfort I to comfort II
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 Posted: Tuesday May 16th, 2006 12:44 am
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The Comfort II Main Board has all the mounting holes of the Comfort I plus some new ones. The board can be mounted into the old enclosure by leaving some mounting holes out.

It is recommended that the Comfort II board is isolated from Earth in order to provide better isolation from lightning surges. Plastic spacers on the mounting holes can be used to achieve this.

The terminal blocks from the Comfort I board plug into the new Comfort II board. However check the polarity of connections eg. KA/KB, Mic/Voice.

Replace the LEMs with the new LEM01-M2. This is designed to mount on the Comfort II PCB itself

SEMs are compatible with Comfort II.

KP01, DP01 all can be used. However for full duplex intercom they may not be so effective as the mechanical acoustic isolation for the older KP/DP is not that good. The new KP03/KP04/DP03 has a smaller speaker and strategically placed rubber parts which isolate the mic from the voice and help prevent howling

Minimum version of Comfigurator 2.0 is needed to work with Comfort II. Convert the old ccl file to FS34 (Comfort II Ultra) and download.

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 Posted: Sunday Jun 4th, 2006 02:55 am
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However, note that Slaves with firmware before 4.144 are not compatible with Comfort firmware >=4.144, and so will not be compatible with Comfort II

The differences are in the toggle output action behaviour

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