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A few Comfort questions please and advise
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 Posted: Tuesday Jan 5th, 2010 05:50 am
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Good morning,

I have a comfort system that is now 8 years old and still going strong and thought i t was about time I added some more programming etc so I have a few questions if you can help:

1) My system autoarms into night mode via a timed event at midnight but can create a problem if we are still awake and moving around. Does anyone have any advice as to how I could  push a button on the internal keypad causing the timed nightmode event to delay this action by say 2 hours?

2) When someone pushes my front door bell it not only rings the phones (as per the doorbell action) but also checks the light sensor and if its dark turns on the outside lights.
Is there a way that when you push the doorbell if its after before21.00hrs it acts as the normal doorbell but if its after 21.00hrs it will only turn on the outside light, not ring the phones but also announce 'to ring the bell please push again' then if they push it again the doorbell action rings the phones.

The idea here is that if we come home after 21.00 we can turn on the outside light without waken people up by pushing the doorbell but if its a genuine caller they can hear the announcement and push it again to ring the doorbell.

3) My comfort system has the follwing software/firmware. Can you advise if there is anything I can upgrade on it:

Version : 4.144
Filessystem : 18
Vocab Number:2

Version: 5.013

Configurator Version : 2.10

4) I used to buy from Automated Home and re sell it through my Shop. Can you tell me who the UK Distributor is now please?

Many thanks,

David Lucas

 Posted: Wednesday Jan 6th, 2010 04:51 am
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You can use Flags for these two scenarios

In your Time Program, set up another Time Program to arm to Night mode at 2 AM. If the system is already armed, it will have no effect. This is also useful if you disarm after 12 AM for any reason and forget to re-arm

You can set up a Home Control Menu item to set and clear the flag

In the Time Program Response which arms to Night Mode if the flag is set, clear it and dont arm to Night Mode.
The next Time program at 2 AM will do the same. The flag will be cleared at 12 AM and so the system will be armed

For the doorbell., I am afraid you cannot stop it from ringing the phones, at least not in Comfort I

For your Comfort I and UCM firmware, you can upgrade to Comfort I Ultra 4.234 and UCM 5.92 respectively by buying the U1 IC. However I suggest you take advantage of the Comfort II Upgrade package as it will allow you to keep current and furtther upgrade firmware. Comfort I has been  out of production for 5 years and parts are difficult to obtain.

You can see our UK distributors in under Distributors

 Posted: Wednesday Jan 6th, 2010 09:35 am
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Joined: Wednesday Nov 1st, 2006
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Thanks SlyChiu,

I will have a play tonight.
Do you have a main distribtuor in the Uk thats holds you stock and can supply us with trade prices?

Also who do you advise I aproach ref the upgrade package?



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