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Event Log reports wrong Zones
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 Posted: Friday Mar 14th, 2008 03:14 pm
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If the Event Log reports the wrong zone names, it is probably because you do not have the correct Comfigurator cclx file for the system open.
The Event Log reports activated zones like in the example below

03/13  17:47 Alarm Type #SystemArmed (19)
03/13  17:47 Zone Activation #FrontDoor (2)
03/13  17:47 Alarm Type #EntryAlert (10)

The number in brackets after the zone name is the zone number, ie 2 in this case
Comfigurator will take the zone name from the zone table of the file which is open when you did the event log transfer.

It may be common practice to read the event log from Comfort with a blank or default template. This leads to the wrong zone and alarm names in the event log, although the zone and alarm type numbers and other information are correct

Always open the correct cclx file for the installation before you upload event log.

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