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Answering Machine Mailboxes
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 Posted: Wednesday May 17th, 2006 04:14 pm
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Comfort's answering machine has up to 8 mailboxes for members of the family or office

A Greeting message can be recorded which is heard when Comfort answers the call. This is followed by the menu to select the users. If a Greeting message s not recorded, the answering machine is disabled. When Comfort answers the call, it will announce "Please Sign In" and wait for the user code.

Each mailbox can have a name recorded so that the caller can select which mailbox to leave a message, for example "press 1 for Bill, 2 for Hillary, 3 for Chelsea,  4 for Buddy,...." The mailbox is accessed only by the user with the correct user code, which is the same code used to disarm the security system. If a name is not recorded for the mailbox, then that name will not be given as a choice for the caller to record a message to.

Another option is to have a common maibox for all 8 users instead of individual mailboxes. This is done by NOT recording any names in any mailbox. Just record the greeting message. Any of the 8 users can sign in to hear messages in the common mailbox. Once any mailbox has a recorded name, there is no common mailbox and users will only access their own messages in their mailboxes

Whe a new message is recorded, the Message LED on the keypad will blink. Pressing # on the keypad will announce who the new message is for. Signing in with the user code will  then announce the message

While the new message is being recorded, it can be heard on the main keypad to allow the call to be screened. The call can be answered at any time, cutting off the recording.

Users can leave messages on the keypad for other users by pressing F4. New internal messages turn on the message LED steady while messages from incoming callers cause the Message led to blink

New messages ffor any user can be forwarded to any of the 8 programmed phones. Comfort will dial the assigned phone and play the message when the user signs in.

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