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How to connect IR03W infrared transmitter
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 Posted: Friday Jan 20th, 2023 11:40 pm
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What's the best way to connect the infrared transmitter IR03W to a Comfort output since  this transmitter has an 3.5mm audio plug?
I know I can cut the IR03W wire and plug the two wires to to the output but  I'm just wondering if there is a more elegant solution.
But even if I have to cut the wire can I do the connection to the Comfort Output without having to consider any polarity?
Sorry but I'm know nothing about leds and I don't want to damage the IR transmitter.


 Posted: Saturday Jan 21st, 2023 02:46 am
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The wire that has a black strip is the negative. That should beOutput, and use a  conected to the Output terminal. The other which is positive should be connected to the 12v centre tyerminal of the OP terminal block. 
The below text is from the manual.
IR03W consists of  a flat  infrared transmitter led with double-sided tape which can stick on the surface of the appliance IR receiver. It is connected to a cable assembly with an audio 3.5 mm plug. It has an inbuilt visible red LED to give an indication of the IR signal sent to it. The IR03W does NOT come with a series resistor, so a 1K ohms resistor should be connected between the Comfort output and the IR03W. 

The resistor prevents damage to the IR03 LED if constamnt voltage is applied to the output by mistake.

You can connect the 1K resistor to the terminal block of the OP and use another connector or terminal block to connect the end of the resistor to the IR03 wire. The resistor can be connected to either wire.

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