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I have a Comfort II Ultra with a z-wave module. My home automation is via HomeSeer (HS) and is the primary z-wave controller. Comfort acts as a secondary controller.I have 3 z-wave window sensors from Aeotec. 2 version 7, 1 version 5.All 3 sensors are set up in HS and are working fine.I have 3 virtual inputs set up in Comfort for these sensors, they appear in HS.In the 2 version 7 sensors I was able to associate the the sensor with the virtual input and it works as expected, when the sensor is triggerred the virtual input changes state.The older sensor, version 5, will not associate. It says it has but it doesn't work.I tried linking the device in HS, linking is a bit like associating but outside of z-wave and set up in the HS software.The devices linked but, the output of the sensor is 22=ON and 23=OFF. The virtual node in Comfort appears to receive 22 and 23 but the virtual input does not react to those values. I'm guessing it wants 0 and 1 or something similar.I have a workround using events in HS but would prefer a direct solution rather than a workround.My question is there a way to make the virtual input respond to the values from the sensor, 22 and 23?


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If the zwave device can map to counters or sensors, then you may be able to use the counter or sensor respionse to activate or deactivate the virtual input. But that may be a messy workaround, and your current workarround may be sufficient

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