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Zone Types => Alert + Entry Door
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 Posted: Wednesday Jun 17th, 2020 11:03 am
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Hi everybody. I would like to know what happens if a zone configured with Entry Door feature (YES), we change the Inmediate feature by Alert. (in Zone Types)

I've done some tests and what I've seen is  that when you trip this Entry Time zone and entry time ends no alert occurs, even you don't trip any other zone, directly the Intruder alarm triggers, despite being an alert zone.
If you change the Entry Door feature to "NO" the alert works fine, This is, no Intruder alarm is triggerered until there is no other zone. But if you put the entry door feature, the alarm triggers when the Entrytime ends, despite no other zones triggered.
How can we join an Alert with a Entry Door  feature?
Thank you

 Posted: Wednesday Jun 17th, 2020 01:15 pm
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The purpose of Entry door is to trigger an entry delay when someone opens the door and the system is armed
Alert zone means you need 2 different alert zones to confirm an Intruder Alarm, so alert and entry door zone types are not compatible
Alert zones should be applied to PIRs where they may cause false alarms. Requring 2 different alaert zones to confirm Itruder alarms helps to prevent false alarms

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