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Open gate with DMO2
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 Posted: Wednesday Apr 29th, 2020 01:33 pm
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Hi guys,
I have recently purchased a farfisa PL11P bundle with a DM02, I have successfully installed the door station and DM02 and all is well.
Now I need Comfort to open my gates via the keypad and this is where my knowledge and programing of comfort is limited.

Any help will be much appreciated
Many thanks

 Posted: Thursday Apr 30th, 2020 01:29 am
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Here are the instructions to open door/gate using DM02
Programming the Door/Gate Relays
A door strike or automatic gate can be opened from the Door Station menu. The two menu commands;
“4 to Open Gate, 7 to Open Door”
can be programmed to open a gate or a door using a relay connected to any Comfort output or the relays K1 (Gate) and K2 (Door) on the DM02.
  • Go to Comfigurator > Events > Miscellaneous  Events and look for the events Open Door Response and Open Gate Response in the list.
  • Select or create a Response to be assigned to Open Door Response and Open Gate Response as required. If no Response is selected, the corresponding menu to Open Gate and/or Open Door will not be announced. Once a nonzero Response is selected, the corresponding menu item will be announced.
  • To control the relays K1 and K2 on a DM02, use Action 200 (Open Door). In Response Wizard select Output > Open Door, then select the Door Station ID, the Door number 1 for K1 (Gate) and 2 for K2 (Door), and the duration in 100 ms units.
  • If there is more than 1 Door Station, use the IF Door Station ID action to program the outputs according to the ID of the door station eg
If  DoorStationId = 49 Then
    Pulse Output01 For 20
If  DoorStationId = 50 Then
        Pulse Output02 For 20
If  DoorStationId = 51 Then
        Pulse Output03 For 20
End If
The above Response for Open Gate or Open Door Response will pulse Output 1 for DP ID 1, output 2 for DP ID2 and Output 3 for DP ID 3.

Note that the relays are rated at 30VDC 3 A

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