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Ethernet port non-responsive
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 Posted: Sunday Jan 19th, 2020 08:37 pm
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I was changing some cabling today trying to diagnose the persistent inability of the Velbus UCM to connect to Velbus, and so to remove any possible causes of errors, where cabling installed did not align with the manuals, I changed it: e.g. for the ETH03 UCM, the manual says use either the white 4-wire cable, or the KA/KB and 12V/COM blocks,not both. My install had both, so I tried disconnecting so to only leave the white 4-wire cable in place.
I'm not sure what caused it, but my ETH03 UCM is no longer functioning - I could connect no problem before, but now cannot get any connection from Comfigurator, and cannot see it in CS Server Manager. 

I have a static IP address of mapped to it in my router's settings and this has not changed. I tried doing the reset of holding SW2 and then tapping SW1 and holding SW2 for another 10seconds and the D2 led came off and on as expected, but the ethernet report is non responsive. Both LEDs are off on the ethernet port, the green one occassionally blinks for a few seconds and then goes fully off for a while again.

I restarted my router and the switch the ethernet cable is connected to. I then followed the instructions here (though I don't have a crossover cable so was just using a normal one) to try assign a static IP address and connect that way. My Dell XPS15 does not have an ethernet port so I was using a Microsoft Surface USB one and when I clicked Ok to validate settings, it gave an error, and then showed the network adapter as cable disconnected. Every few seconds it would go back to "Identifying" but then back to unplugged.

Nothing has changed on my network or server side. I have now disconnected almost everything from Comfort, leaving only the ETH03 UCM connected to the main panel, and I have set the dip switches on it all to On, for ID 1 (though note that it was coming up in my configuration as ID =2, so I've tried that setting too, no difference). 

LEDs D2 and D3 on the ETH03 are constantly on, and on the baseboard D1 is constantly green and D10 and D9 constantly flicker. Seems the issue is the ethernet port is not picking up a network signal, could it be a hardware fault?

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 Posted: Monday Jan 20th, 2020 12:39 am
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One possibility is that the ethernet cable connected to ETH03 is faulty. Can you try a new cable?
alternately disconnect the rs3485 cable to the UCM/ETH03 for 10 seconds, then reconnect and try the reset to default agaiainIf it does not work then there is a hardware fault. send your detaikds and serial number to

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