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Counters (1-Bit) -> KNX
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 Posted: Tuesday Feb 26th, 2019 04:16 pm
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I'm having problems with getting feedback from the UCM_KNX2.

KNX -> Comfort...
0/4/7 (1-Bit) 'Blind up/down' mapped to Counter031

Counter031 response...
If LastUcmCounter = 0 Then
Do BlindUp
Do BlindDn
End If
Counters->KNX (1-Bit)...
Counter031 mapped to 0/4/8 (1-Bit) 'Blind up/down status'

In this instance (If I understand the UCM manual correctly) GA 0/4/7  should alter the value of counter 031, which should alter the state of GA 0/4/8.
In reality, when Group Address 0/4/7 is set to 'ON' the blinds come down, and when Group Address 0/4/7 is set to 'OFF' the blind go up and I can see the counter value change in Comfigurator (Comfort Registers) so this all seems to be correct.
However, the status value DOES NOT change in the status columns of the UCM and I don't see any telegrams to Group Address 0/4/8 in the group monitor on ETS, or any other indication that I'm receiving feedback from the UCM_KNX2.
What am I doing wrong?

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 Posted: Wednesday Feb 27th, 2019 03:10 am
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When KNX sends value to a counter, the same counter cannot immediately send value back to KNX This is to prevent a bouncing effect where the knx and counter gets several changes in value with the same command.
As a workaround, in the Counter Response, change a flag or other counter and map that new flag or counter to 0/4/8 in Counters 1 bit to KNX

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