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Battery warning
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 Posted: Tuesday Aug 7th, 2018 07:01 pm
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Hi Chiu
Got battery warning and battery restore when Comfort test its battery.With AC off, the battery delivers only 9v and with AC on, the voltage on the battery plugs is only at 11,6v.The two lamps ( lp51,52) are lighted, but blink onces from time to time.Is there a battery problem or a CP9000 problem?

Also think the UCM/eth is delivering wrong messages to the CPM ultra, resulting in unsollicited responses (away mode, x10 orders, gate actions).Disconnecting the UCM/eth for 3 days, there s no more of these unsollicited actions/messages. The voltage on the ucm/eth is at 13+v.

I guess it is not linked to  the battery issue and I have two different problems. What do you think? Anything I can investigate ?Thanks Philippe

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 Posted: Wednesday Aug 8th, 2018 04:10 am
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The battery problem is due to a weka batteryWith AC off and battery connected to Comfort, it should be above 12V. 9V means the battery is bad. Low battery will be reporteed at 11.5VIf the battery is around 3 years or mroe it needs to be changedLP51 and 52 are indicating carging of the battery and also limit charging current. This is an old board as we have replaced these with different components some time ago

ETH03 should not cause messages to be generated. It only reports what is sent to it from Comfort
The cause of the unsolicited messages should lie elsewhereRead the event log which should give you an idea

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