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KP04A Keypad in EMS Mode
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 Posted: Saturday Jun 23rd, 2018 07:21 am
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The KP04A keypad firmware 7.010 and above has an alternate mode for Environmental Monitoring used with CM9001-EMS.

The KP04A has the following functions for uo to 4 sensors.
    1. View Sensor values like Temperature and Humidity
    2. View and change Setpoints
    3. Enable or disable setpoints

Sensor values can be obtained from the following sources;    1. TSM01 Temperature Sensor
    2. IRIO01 with ISM01 submodules with Temperature Sensor
    3. MSM01 Temperature/Humidity Sensor Module
    4. External Interface by UCMs eg KNX, Cbus, Modbus
In Comfigurator  Modules Tab, Right click on the left pane and scan for modules to detect the KP04A.  Check that the KP04A firmware is 7.008 or above. If so you should be able to see Alarm/EMS Mode and Prevent Changes under the KP04A Properties category.

By default the Keypad is in Alarm Mode. It can be changed to EMS mode by selecting EMS in the Alarm/EMS drop-down list.
“Prevent Changes”: if set to True, this prevents users from making any changes to the setpoints or enable/disable settings.
The Alarm/EMS Mode can be changed to EMS only if the Controller is CM9001-EMS. If the Alarm/EMS Mode is changed to EMS then up to 4 sensors can be assigned to the KP04A as shown below;

In the example above Sensors 1,2,6,10 are assigned to the 4 sensors. The properties of the 4 sensors are shown in the Properties window for each sensor;
  • Sensor Number:    The Sensor number selected
  • Setpoint Counter: The Counter assigned to hold the setpoint (in Sensors Table)
  • Max Setpoint:        Maximum allowed value of the setpoint (in Sensors Table)
  • Min Setpoint:         Minimum allowed value of the setpoint (in Sensors Table)
  • Units:                    The Units eg degrees, %, lux, W, mW (in Sensors Table)
  • Enable Flag:          The Flag assigned to Enable/Disable setpoint (in Sensors)
  • Description:          16 characters to describe the Sensor (in Sensors Table)
Note that the properties above are Read-Only, and cannot be changed in this screen. These parameters can be programmed in the CM9001-EMS Sensors Screen described in the previous section.

If less than 4 sensors are required, leave the remainng positions empty or unassigned. Do a “Write to Keypad: after the sensors are selected.

KP04A Operation in EMS Mode
In EMS Mode, the numeric keys 0 to 9, *, # work the same way as in Alarm Mode, ie they can be used to disarm the system or to make selections in the Voice Menu. The Function keys in the right column have different functions in EMS Mode as follows;

Note The * key is used to enter setup mode in both EMS and Alarm Modes.
Hence in EMS Mode, the function keys cannot be used to arm the security system and the F key cannot be used to select Function key shortcuts. To enable Engineer Mode, instead of pressing F0, go to User Menu, 9 for Program menu, and press 3,4,1.

In EMS Mode, if no sensors have been assigned, then the following message will be seen. EMS mode is not necessary if there are no sensors too be monitored.

Pressing the  AWAY (+) key will increment the setpoint and pressing the Night (-) key will decrement it. The display will revert to show the Setpoint/temperature if no buttons are pressed.

Pressing the Day key will Toggle, ie alternately disable and enable the setpoint. If the setpoint is disabled, the Setpoint is not shown, and only the sensor value is shown (see below). This means that there will be no sensor alarm for this sensor.

If the sensor value exceeds the Setpoint, then the Virtual Input defined in the CM9001-EMS Sensors screen is activated. Depending on the Zone Type and Alarm Type, this can trigger an Alarm and dial or SMS to the programmed numbers for the alarm type.

Humidity can also be displayed in one eof the 4 sensor slots as shown below with or without setpoint.

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