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KNX Programming via Comfort
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 Posted: Monday Jan 8th, 2018 01:26 am
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I had a KNX system installed in my new home end of 2011 which controls heating and lighting and also had a Comfort II system installed which provides security as well as a few other things.

I am think of purchasing a copy of ETS so I can familiarize myself with KNX, see how it works, how I can make changes, etc. I know to communicate with KNX I need a KNX/USB or KNX/IP interface but these seem to run quite expensive.

Seeing as my Comfort II system has UCM/KNX module installed, will ETS allow me to configure KNX through this interface over the LAN, assuming I also have a UCM/ETH03 installed?
Or, will I have to just purchase a KNX IP or KNX USB interface?

Hope my question make sense, I am just getting started.   

Many thanks!

 Posted: Monday Jan 8th, 2018 09:11 pm
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In order to program the KNX i.e. to download a program fro ETS you will need a KNX interface either en IP gateway or USB interface.
You cannot download the ETS program via a Comfort KNX UCM.

I don't know the set up that you have but you will need the original program file if you are going to alter the KNX set up. Unlike something like CBUS you are not readily able to extract the program ( there is another piece of software but its expensive and not easy to use).
Starting from scratch I believe the free trial version of ETS offers something like 20 devices after which you will require the licence.
You could look at ETS Lite - is far more cost effective.
We don't have experience of this so cannot recommend it.
You can of course try programming Comfort to operate KNX devices the Comfort software for the KNX UCM has learn commands so in theory you should be able to create a whole KNX (Comfort) logic and control with out ETS at all.

However starting from scratch this is not such a good idea as in the design phase you would want ( I would suggest !) the KNX to be a robust stand alone set up before trying to integrate it with other devices!

 Posted: Tuesday Jan 9th, 2018 02:49 pm
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KNX tends to protect installers so you have to go back to them otherwise you would have to reporogram the KNX again if you do not have the original file

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