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announce only when a control set is on
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 Posted: Thursday Sep 7th, 2017 10:15 pm
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I hope I explain this correctly but am after help with some programming. During the late evening when the rest of the family are in bed (I stay up later) I am after a set of responses that only happen when I have turned on a control set (so I can turn on and off from my phone). During the evening I am generally only in one room in one area of the house so it’s a possibility someone could break in at the other end of the house (the kitchen) with out me knowing as the PIR’s are not set to announce (as this would be an annoyance most of the time) but if I set a control that once I turn on will announce movement in certain areas. I can then turn this control off if I need to visit the kitchen without it announcing.
Hope that makes sense and any help would be good.

 Posted: Friday Sep 8th, 2017 04:14 pm
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You can make the zone announcement conditional on the state of a Flag

In the Zone On Response, make the following Response

If Flag Flag001 <> 0 Then
    Skip Announcement
End If

In Control Menu, set up a control to set or clear that flag to disable and enable the zone announcement

You can also make a Time Program to automatically disable announcements after a certain time

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