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Property Ladder - Bow, East London.
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 Posted: Saturday Feb 10th, 2007 10:43 am
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This link is to an article commissioned by Dynalite as a case study so forgive the bias. Read between the lines and you will workout where comfort fits.

The project was part of channel 4's property ladder. The obvious goal being the client should find and develop a property. We were introduced to the client very late on in the filming. And from the onset of our involvement it was clear that CH4's take was that automating a home was not the way to develop a property. Still it was the clients call.

There were a strange mix of drivers for this, wanted networking but wireless was considered as bad energy. All wiring was to be kept away from sleeping aeras. Clinet's background in colour therapy meant that colour change lighting (LED) was wanted.

Comfort provides the usual security, answerphone faclitiies but also links to the Dynalite lighting system via a UCX01 to DNG232. Allowing comfort to provide pathway lighting and smart control of backgound lights. In addition an RC01 is used to recall extra lighting scenes that are not available from the Dynalite wall switches.

The aired program kept true to the line they had decided and made it look as though the client should not have bothered. The reality is that real valuations proved its worth.


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