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Comfigurator 3.11.2
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 Posted: Wednesday Apr 27th, 2016 05:36 pm
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Comfigurator 3.11.2 - Changes from 3.10.11

Comfigurator 3.11.2 has been released with lots of bug fixes and new features. Please upgrade

Known Issues
  1. In Flags screen, if Check Status box is checked for a flag, the status is updated, but if the flag changes subsequently, the flag status in the centre pane is not updated until you go to another page and back, or uncheck and check the box (old bug)
Bugs Fixed (from 3.10.11)
  1. Comfigurator 3.10.11 could not install on Windows XP.
  2. File > Update Defaults did not work in 3.10.11. 
  3. In Zwave, after doing a Learn from Zwave, Flag mappings were changed into Counter in Zwave Mappings.  This bug was in older versions of Comfigurator as well.
  4. Virtual Node in Zwave Configurator  Virtual Node Info - SEND button n the right pane was missing from Comfigurator 3.10.9
  5. IRIO Get status did not work
  6. For KT03 using Counters and Outputs, the Counter and Outputs Reference to KT03 is not shown in blue in the Counters page and Outputs page (this is an old bug)
  7. When the cclx file wordlist does not match the vocabulary (Voice) in Comfort, logging in to Comfigurator will change the wordlist to the one in Comfort, but the words selected in Zones and Control menu are still the wrong wordlist and the words written to Comfort will be the worng  wordlist . To work around, the Wordlist in Comfigurator must be changed manually to the one on Comfort before doing a write to Comfort (old bug)
  8. Reading from Comfort did not read the Daylight Saving table into Comfigurator (in Sunrise/Sunset Times), although the Sunrise/sunset times are read. (old Bug)
  9. If  UCM/Cbus2 is present, all zones are referenced to UCM/Cbus2 because of the Cbus2 Physical Inputs, even though the Physiacl Inputs are not mapped to Cbus (old Bug)
New Features & Improvements
  1. In the Control Menu, if Feedback Type = Output, Zones, or Flag is selected, the action Keys 0 and 1 are automatically entered as Off and On respectively. This saves time in programming the Control Menu especially for use in the Comfort app. In a future Comfort firmware upgrade, pressing the Off and On buttons wil automatically cause the Flag, Output to be turned on or off.  This is a real time-saver for the Comfort apps.
  2. Graph References hover remains on for 30 seconds (instead of 10 seconds) so it is easy to read the Responses.
New Modules Supported
  1. Supports new IRIO Automation Module and submodules
  2. Supports new UCM/KNX2 3rd generation KNX Interface.

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