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These instructions can also be found in the UCM/Zwave Manual

Also see Configuring UCM/Zwave2 at

Commands can be sent to UCM/Zwave using Zwave Actions or by setting Counter and Flag Values

Using Counters and Flags to send commands to Zwave  is described here. using Zwave Actions Flags is described in another  topic

Sending Z-Wave Commands via Counters and Flags

From Zwave 7.061 onwards changing the value of counters that are mapped to Z-Wave nodes will also send commands to the node according to the value of the Counter. For example, if a Zwave Basic Node is mapped to Counter 1, then setting the Counter 1 to 0 will send the OFF command and setting Counter 1 to 255 will send the ON command to the device. If the Zwave node is a dimmable multilevel switch, then setting the counter to value of 1 to 254 will dim the device accordingly. Setting the counter value to 255 will turn on the device to the last level in memory. The example shows the Response Wizard Counter commands list.
"Initialise Counter" will set a value into the counter. "Load Counter with Last Action Value" will load a value obtained by other actions into a counter.

Setting The value of Flags to ON and OFF will also switch on or off the mapped Zwave node.

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