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Comfort firmware 7.063
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 Posted: Thursday Oct 9th, 2014 05:07 pm
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Changes from 7.057

Known Bugs
  1. Actions Add counter, Add counter give wrong answer from 7.039
  2. When Zone Restore Box is checked, meaning when he zone is restored following an alarm, it may not report the zone restore to CMS or GSM in some cases. From 7.059
  3. Engineer Code cannot be changed in the Engineer Menu 6 (from 6.008)
Bugs Fixed
  1. Fixed BUG m! And M! did not check for authorisation of users
  2. Prevent hogging of bus by constant LI with wrong code by not replying wrong login attempts by UCM until a correct code is entered on the keypad
  3. Fix bug which caused app  to report rs485 communications failure alarm after the rs485 communications failure is restored.
  4. Fixed bug from 7.056 where slave ID reported is not correct when there is low battery alarm from Slave or other trouble alarm.
  5. Fixed bug - if new alarm is idle eg system armed and disarmed and there is existing trouble alarm which caused  beeping trouble siren,  eg arm/disarm and siren is already on due to trouble alarm, 3dH alarm type is not sent to rs485. Causes no email from eth03 when system is armed and there is eg low battery
  6. Fixed BUG in Do action - Exit action did not work, continued to next Action
  7. Fixed Bug when UCM is added after Comfort has been running, the flags states are not sent correctly to the UCM. May not have any effect
  8. Fixed BUG  related to UCM/GSM - When the control menu has no feedback, sending sms for the control menu will activate the response correctly, but wll also send an additional  "Invalid Command" message
New Features
  1. New  action 156 to turn on/off keypad backlight. format is 156, Keypad ID, command where keypad ID = 65 (ID 1) to 95 (15) or 64 (all keypads), command is 0 for off, 1 for on. eg 156, 65, 1 turns on the backlight for Keypad 1. 156, 64,0 turns off all keypads backlight. Requires Comfigurator 3.9.2 Response wizard. Note that when the action code turns on the backlight, it will not turn off unless an action to turn off is set to it, or if the keypad buttons are pressed.
  1. The Blinds Function allows outputs in sem and  rio to be used
  2. If a user flag is set or cleared, always broadcast to RS485 even if it is not changed from previous state. However The ID of the device which orginated the flag command wil be in the Rs485 message (Comfort is ID 1). Night Flag is an exception as it will not be broadcast if there is no change.
  3. If time is changed by DT command is less than +/- 4 seconds, Comfort accepts the time change ut does not report it to Rs485 (DT command) or event log in order to reduce the amount of reports
  4. Prevent hogging of bus by constant LI with wrong code by not replying wrong login attempts by UCM until a correct code is entered on the keypad
  5. When zone trouble is activated, send AM01zz before AL.when zone trouble is restored, send AR01zz. Previously, AM and AR reports were not sent for zone trouble active and restore
  6. Send AM report before zone triggered AL alarm eg Panic, intruder, Fire so as to be consistent with other alarms where AM precedes AL
  7. Implemented new UCM command r?TTxxNN query sequential registers where TT = type 0 for Counter, 1 for sensor, xx= starting register no, NN is no of registers. Reply from UCM is r?TTxxNNaaaabbbbccccdddd...... Requires UCM 7.056
  8. New action 190, timer #,  timer high secs, timer low seconds. Actions will continue after the action 190 instead of a target response

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