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Upgrading UCM/CBUS1 to UCM/CBUS2
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 Posted: Friday Aug 1st, 2014 08:03 pm
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If you have UCM/Cbus1, you may be able to upgrade it to UCM/Cbus2 and take advantage of the powerful new features
The procedure is shown at

It included adding the U2 256 Bits EEPROM  to the U2 socket. UCM/Cbus1 has been shipped out with an empty U2  socket for some time

However if your UCM/Cbus2 does not have the U2 socket, then you should NOT try to solder a socket. This is not easy as the ic pin holes are filled with solder. Trying to remove the solder with a normal soldering iron may damage the PCB tracks. This requires special tools at the factory.

If the U2 socket is not present you should order a new UCM/Cbus

You can upgrade the ucm/cbus firmware to UCM/cbus2 even without the U2 eeprom, but in the Status field, it will show "EEPROM/Missing/Faulty" instead of "Normal/ No Error" as shown below

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