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Activating counter responses
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 Posted: Saturday Apr 26th, 2014 01:54 pm
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I have written some code in CBus to operate curtains, this writes to a counter, which in turn has calls a response which will bypass the zone untill unbypassed. The bit I can't understand is at the end of the counter instructions where it says "Sending CBus commands to a lighting group address will change the corresponding counter, but will not activate the counter response."
How do I activate the counter rsponse?

 Posted: Saturday Apr 26th, 2014 02:01 pm
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Commands from C-Bus which are mapped to Counters will set the value to the mapped counter and also activate the Counter Response

Sending commands to Cbus via Response wizard will NOT activate the counter Response but it will update the counter value eg to 0 or 255.  Remember that Counter Responses are meant for C-Bus to do something on Comfort

If you want Comfort to do something at the same time as a command to C-Bus then incllude that action in the same Response


Send Cbus command
Bypass Zone

You do not make use of the Counter Response for this

Are you using UCM/CBUS2 or UCM/CBUS1? Either way, it does not matter as the principle is the same

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