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Current Sensor Module
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 Posted: Saturday Dec 28th, 2013 05:55 am
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The CSM03 Current Sensor is designed to monitor AC mains current supplied to equipment in order to determine whether they are switched on or off. The Current sensor is connected directly to any Comfort Input programmed as Normally Open switch (Zone Type 8) or Digital Zone (Zone Type 31).
The CSM03 Manual can be downloaded from

The current sensor consists of two parts:
  • CSM03-CT is  a current transformer supplied with wires, and
  • CSM03-PCB plugs into two consecutive zones in Comfort.
One CSM03-PCB can be connected to 2 CSM03-CT. Hence it is best if current sensors are used in pairs. If there are an odd number of Current sensors needed, this means that only one zone in a CSM03-PCB will be connected to a CSM03-CT current transformer.
The status of the equipment (on/off) can be announced on the Home Control Menu. Current sensors does not work on DC current.

CSM03-CT Current Transformer


Principle of Operation
The Current sensor detects current flowing in the mains cable supplying an appliance to determine if the appliance is on or off. One lead of the mains cable (L or N) should go through the transformer center hole. When no current is flowing, the output is open circuit. When sufficient current (min 100 ma rms.) flows, the coil produces a voltage which turns on the Open collector output. The current sensor detects currents of 100 ma and above. Jumper settings J1 and J2 set the sensitivity of the current detection circuit. To detect lower current, loop the mains cable several times through the hole for greater sensitivity. The current sensor works on AC current only.

An example of CSM03 usage is with LRM03 Latched relay module

Note that CSM03 cannot be used  to measure current

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