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 Posted: Tuesday Dec 17th, 2013 11:20 am
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The Comfort UCM/GSM module has the following functions;
  • Acts as a backup for dial-out on alarm activation when the land line is faulty or cut. Alternately, it can be used without a fixed telephone line, for installations where a telephone line is not available or not desired. Comfort's dialer can dial to 8 telephones which can include mobile or landline phones or Central Monitoring Stations.
  • Allows the user to dial to the GSM number instead of the fixed telephone line to access Comfort Voice menus. 
  • Comfort  reports alarms to the users cellular phones via SMS. The SMS message will show the alarm type and Zone description as "101 Back Lane Road - 01 Intruder Alarm - 03 Back Window"
  • Allows users to send commands to control home appliances and the security system via SMS, and receive status of the command by return SMS.
  • Only authorised Mobile phones can send commands and receive messages from UCM/GSM. Each phone is individually authorised to arm, disarm or control  automation
About SIM cards

Note that a standard size SIM card is required for UCM/GSM4. This should not be password protected. It should not be a 3G or 4G only SIM card, and should be able to send SMS messages on a mobile phone. UCM/GSM4 uses 2G technology and mobile networks which do not support 2G cannot be used

The new UCM/GSM4(3G) model works on 3G only networks like 3. See

SMS messages can include, Alarms, Arm, Disarm, Bypass with Zone names and User names, as shown below

The  new UCM/GSM4 Module  has the following features and improvements to the SMS functions;
  1. Send "?" or any invalid text to UCM/GSM will cause a Help message to be returned by SMS. The Help messages will include commands to query, arm and disarm the security system, as well as commands for the Control Menu to query and control devices
  2. When UCM/GSM sends SMS messages to programmed phones, the alarm names, Zone Names, and User names can have up to 32 characters. The SMS alarm messages will be preceded with a Time Stamp so it can be seen when the SMS is sent - this is useful because of possible delays to SMS caused by the GSM network.
  3. User Names can be sent in SMS messages eg when the system is armed and disarmed instead of User Numbers
  4. Each of the max 8 programmed phones can be individually authorised to Arm, Disarm, and Control Comfort.
  5. 2 Phone numbers can be programmed to send SMS in case te UCM/GSM loses communications with Comfort (in addition to the 8 numbers)
  6. Non-english alphabets are supported
  7. Long text messages more than 160 characters Concatenated into a single message.
Minimum Requirements
  • Comfort firmware 7.046
  • Comfigurator 3.7.8 and above
  • UCM Firmware 7.04x
The UCM/GSM4 manual can be downloaded from

These are examples of the new SMS features of UCM/GSM4

sending ? or any invalid SMS to UCM/GSM4 returns the Help info

sending SMS (1) replies

Note that it gives the Comfort security mode, AWAY Mode in this example, followed by the valid commands to arm and disarm the security system

Send (10) to disarm the system. This is only allowed if the Phone Permissions for the mobile phone allows Disarm by SMS.

The SMS reply shows Away Mode and the help menu
If the Disarmed Alarm Type is enabled for SMS to this phone, an additional SMS for Disarmed is sent to the phone with Time Stamp and showing that the system is disarmed by SMS.

Arm to away by sending (11). This is permitted only if the Phone Permissio.ns for this phone allows Arm by SMS

When Comfort sends SMS due to an alarm it will include zone or user names eg

 eg the above SMS show the system in Cytech Technology armed and disarmed by user "Mr Big" with the time stamp of each event

sending SMS (4) will give a reply by SMS;

This is an example of a Home Control Menu which is programmed in Comfigurator
Sending (41) will give a reply for the items in the Lights Menu

Sending (411);

This tells you the Side Lights are OFF and the commands for controlling Side Lights

Send (4111) to turn on the side lights

The help system gives the valid commands at each step

In Comfigurator 3.7.5, Phone Permissions are available for the current UCM/GSM and UCM/GSM4

Each of the 8 mobile phones has individual permissions for
  1. Allow SMS Control ie the '(4)' menu
  2. Allow SMS Arm ie the '(1x)' menu
  3. Allow SMS Dissrm ie the '(10)' menu

Another feature of Comfort 7.037 is that SMS are sent with a Time Stamp

If the command is not allowed because of the Phone permissions, eg if a command to disarm the system (10) is sent, and "Allow SMS Disarm" for that phone is not permitted,  the reply will be

The multi-Language capability of the new GSM fiirmware 7.034 is shown in the example below

40 is English.
41 is Traditional Chinese.
42 is Thai.
43 is Arabic.
44 is Greek.
45 is Vietnamese.
46 is Tamil.
47 is Esperanto.

The possible languages are not limited to the examples shown!

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 Posted: Tuesday Dec 17th, 2013 11:24 am
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Upgrading from UCM/GSM3

The UCM/GSM4 hardware is identical to UCM/GSM3 except for the following;
  • a 256 Kbit EEPROM (24C256) is required in the UCM/GSM U2 socket. UCM/GSM3 does not have an EEPROM in the socket. Part number IC04-256 can be ordered for this purpose.
  • Only the SIM900 GSM Module is supported in UCM/GSM4. Older models using SIM300, Siemens and Sony Ericsson are not supported. Users wishing to upgrade can order part number GSM4 submodule to replace the submodule on older UCM/GSM. GSM submodule shown shown below    
  • UCM/GSM firmware cannot be upgraded direct to UCM/GSM4 as they are different types of UCM. The UCM/GSM must be upgraded to GSM 7.029 first. This is a special firmware that allows it to be upgraded to GSMv4

The Draft UCM/GSM4 manual can be downloaded from

Upgrading Procedure from UCM/GSM3 firmware

In Comfigurator 3.6.8 and above, do a scan for UCMs

The UCM/GSM should be in the UCMs list

Right Click on UCM id for UCM/GSM and select "Check for Updates"

This should upgrade the UCM/GSM to UCM/GSM 7.029 which is still NOT UCM/GSM4 firmware. You will be prompted to press F0 on the keypad.

Download the UCMGSM4 firmware from

Select the UCM/GSM4 firmware 7.034 or higher
Unzip to GSM4V7_xxx.cbf after download

In Comfigurator, go to the UCM/GSM tab right click (same screenshot as above) and select "Upgrade Firmware from Local File", and browse to select the GSM4V7_xxx.cbf file.
This will upgrade the firmware to GSMv4

 Posted: Thursday Jul 31st, 2014 07:09 am
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Joined: Wednesday Aug 9th, 2006
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The GSM status bar shows the current status of the UCM/GSM. The status bar can be seen on the bottom left of the GSM configurator screen

It is useful in case there are any problems getting the GSM module to work

Possible status values are
"Normal/No error"
"EEPROM missing/faulty"
"EEPROM insufficent capacity"
"EEPROM data invalid"
"Communication error between UCM baseboard and sub-module"
"Unknown error"
"UCM/GSM Network Strength 0"
"UCM/GSM Network Strength 1"
"UCM/GSM Network Strength 2"
"UCM/GSM Network Strength 3"
"UCM/GSM Network Strength 4"
"Initialising UCM/GSM"
"Call in progress."
"No GSM network."
"No SIM card or SIM error."
"SIM card requires PIN code."
"Not Sim900 GSM module."
"Send SMS queue full."

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