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Comfigurator 3.7.6
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 Posted: Friday Oct 4th, 2013 11:38 am
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Whats New in  Comfigurator 3.7.6 (compared to 3.6.8)

The new features described here require Comfort and UCM firmware version 7 (connected to Comfigurator).  Please upgrade to the latest firmware as described in

How to upgrade to Comfigurator 3.7.6
Running Comfigurator 3.6.x and above will detect that a new version is available on the Cytech Server and will prompt you to download the new version
To upgrade from older Comfigurator 3.6.X, and below, download Comfigurator 3.7.6 from

Please take not of these Known Issues when using Comfigurator 3.7.6
Known Issues
  1. Read User Codes  does not work
  2. In Function > Thermostats, the heating and cooling outputs can be repeated, Outputs should be restricted to only one Thermostat
  3. Action "Add Immediate" will cause Sensor 0 and Counter 0 to show as Referenced in blue. This also occurred  in older versions
  4. Write to KT03 by UCM/ETH02 (not direct to KT03 USB) if a network error closes the connection, does not give the option "Continue from Last Address" so requiring Write to KT03 again. This also occurred  in older versions
  5. Logging in the 1st time sometimes causes "wrong code" to be seen. It may require code to be entered  again.
  6. When doing module scan by Remote Ethernet connection there may be a wrong message " Comfort firmware does not support Module Scan. Please add modules manually".  If Comfort firmware is > v6, then it does support module scan. The message may be caused by delays over the internet. Please ignore and try again
  7. In UCM/Zwave where Switch Multilevel Nodes are mapped to Responses, if the Response number changes in Comfort, the mapped Response number does not change. Selection of Responses in
  8. When firmware is upgraded to 7.040, some Serial Numbers may be wrongly generated and cause exception
  9. In KT03 Simulation Mode, Flag state is not shown correctly (but is OK on actual KT03)
  10. When a new template is opened, and Scan for Modules is done in a system with a programmed KT03, after the KT03 is scanned, clicking in some of the KT03 pages will cause an Exception.
  11. when upgrading firmware for UCM/KNX, message says "Upgrading firmwre to UCM/EIB"
  12. UCM/Zwave compatibility problem for Response created by older Comfigurator 3.6. Empty channel becomes converted to Channel 1 because a blank channel cannot be selected
  13. Thermostat function register numbers should be  displayed by name instead if number
Bugs Fixed (from 3.6.8)
If a KP04 with old firmware < 1.010 is in the system, a Module scan  caused a new KP04 to appear. Saving the file and opening again and scanning would cause another phantom KP04 to appear.
Please note that very old keypads < 1.010 are  not detected by Modules Scanning

Supports new UCM/GSM4 which is a different UCM Type from UCM/GSM

Supports new UCM/Heatmiser

Supports UCM/Zwave 7.029 with improved features

UCM Connection Settings simplified
"Override Saved Connections" removed

Network (Local) and Network (Remote) settings are automatically saved in the cclx file. USB and RS232 settings are not saved. "Override Saved Settings" checkbox has been removed as it is no longer needed. The reasoning for this change is that only the Ethernet connection settings "belong" to the Comfort system while the USB and RS232 settings depend on the computer which connects to the UCM.

UCM Connection Error
If the connection to UCM fails with message “No Response from UCM”, an additional message  “Please check the UCM Connection Settings” will be shown.

In older versions, the login box popped up but this is not correct as another login will not work

Convert/Select Comfort model based on scan
After a module scan, the Comfort model in the cclx file is compared to the scanned Comfort model eg Ultra, Optimum etc. If the model in the file does not correspond to the detected Comfort model then a popup box should say
“Controller  Comfort Model XXX is not compatible with the selected File system YY in the cclx file. Convert to the correct file system YY?”
If yes is selected the  file is converted to the correct file system to match the scanned
Comfort model
Comfigurator will not allow the wrong file system to be written to Comfort

Convert File System
File > Convert file system has a  dropdown list of models to convert to. Convert file system is used when a file has been written for a Comfort system but needs to be changed to another eg Comfort 1 Pro to Comfort II Ultra or Ultra to Optimum

Detect ID Collision or ID lost Comms
Comfort 7.006 and UCM 7.006 and above is able to report a message when a duplicate ID or missing ID is detected.
Comfigurator will report a warning message
“Possible Communications Lost or Duplicate ID for(module ID#) "

When the module communications is restored, Comfigurator will report
"(Module ID) Communications Restored"

Write User Codes
When writing to Comfort two boxes "Set Comfort Date and Time" and "Write User Codes" will be seen

"Write User Codes" box when checked will determine if tthe user codes in Comfigurator are writtent to Comfort. An installler programming a customers system may not want to Weite User Codes to Comfort because the customer may have changed the user codes via keypad, so writing user codes would overwrite the changed user codes
This replaces the  “Write User Codes” box in Configuration > Modules and settings  which may not be noticed easily

Comfort Time/ Write Date and Time - Local Time Zone
Comfort’s Time is displayed in the status bar after login.

Comfort saves the local time zone in the cclx file when the file is created
When writing to Comfort, a checkbox "Write Date and Time" is seen.
Comfigurator compares the timezone on the PC with Date and Time in the cclx file (in case the connection is made from another time zone) and makes the appropriate adjustment when writing date and time to Comfort

Write to EEPROM in Modules
A common problem is that when modules like UCM/KNX, KT03, UCM/Zwave, UCM/Velbus, UCM/Universal, UCM/eHomeGreen  and others which have their own configuration in EEPROM, people forget that they need to write to EEPROM as well as writing to Comfort. In the new software when you exit from the file without writing to EEPROM, Comfigurator will check if any changes in the module needs to be written to EEPROM and will prompt you if you would like to write to EEPROM

"Yes" means that Comfigurator will write to the modules EEPROM
"No" means that Comfigurator will not write to the modules EEPROM but the changes will be saved so that write to EEPROM can be done later
"Cancel" means that Comfigurator will stop checking for changes in other modules as well. This is normally the case when making changes for the purpose of testing and which are not to be saved

Improved  Scanning for Modules
Scanning for modules can now determine if a module is Not Found or Not Polled
"Not Polled" means the module is detected  on the bus not it is not polled by Comfort because the Number of Not Polled modules are in Purple

"Not Found"
means the module is not detected on the Comfort Bus. The colour code of Not Found modules are in RED.

Serial Numbers
In future Comfort, UCMs and other modules will be shipped with unique serial numbers (which are currently printed on the bar code labels). The serial numbers will appear on each modules properties along with type and Firmware Version and will also be saved in the cclx file thus helping to trace the product better.

"Not Available with this firmware" means that the Comfort or module firmware does not support the feature. Please upgrade to the latest firmware as shown in
File Creation Time > Last Saved

" File Creation Time" in Configuration > System Information has been renamed "Last Saved". This is a more accurate description as it shows the time that the  cclx file was last saved.

Security Types > Non detector alarms
The Name of the Non detector alarm is fixed (not editable)
General help text in this screen added as follows;
“Non-detector Alarms are alarm conditions that are not caused by Zones. These trigger the assigned Zone Types assigned to each one. The assigned Alarm Types should not normally be changed, with the exception of Phone Trouble, which can be assigned to Null alarm if  the phone line is not connected to Comfort”

Security Types > Alarm Types
The Alarm Types that are referenced ie in Blue should have the Names fixed ie not editable. This is because the name reflects the alarm which should not be changed. Unreferenced alarm types (shown in black) can still have their names changed

Keypad Voice Volume
In Voice settings, " Keypad Voice Level" has been renamed  to "Keypad Announcement Level"

Entry Alert Disable Confirmed Alarm checkbox
New setting in Configuration > Modules & Settings  called “Entry Alert disable confirmed alarm (BS8243). This is for compliance to BS8243 (for UK only)

"Entry dial Delay",  "Entry Delay No CMS"  Removed
In Modules and settings removed “Entry dial delay“ and "EntryDelay No CMS" as these are not used

Security > Status Renamed Security > Outputs
Security > Status  renamed to Outputs (more appropriate)

Control Menu Alternate Text
In Control Menu, Alternate Phrase can be entered. This can be used for the iPhone/Android/ iPad apps in future

Phone Permissions (GSM)
Phone permissions added for each Phone in Security > Phone Numbers. "Allow SMS Arm", "Allow SMS Disarm", Allow SMS Control". This determines if each phone is allowed to do the selected action by SMS

New Functions category in Comfigurator left Pane.  The initial Functions implemented are Blinds and Thermostats.

The Thermostat function is described in
The Blinds function is described in

Hyperlink to  Manuals in Modules
Each Module has a link to the relevant manual

New Action Codes
  • Action 42 - Keypad button causes Family Care Alarm Dialout
  • Action 43 - Clear Event Log
  • Action 121 - Load Sensor No with value from last action
  • Action 153 - Load 2 byte Value eg 153, 00, 02 - Load 2 byte  value 512 into last action value
  • Action 154 Virtual Input On/Off eg 154, 10, 00 - force virtual Input 16 Off Applies when zone is a virtual input
  • Action 155 - Send SMS Customised Message to Phone eg 155, 07, 02 - Send to Phone 7 Message #2 Applies to UCM/GSM4 only
  • Action 184 - Branch if = 2 byte signed constant
  • Action 185 - Banch if <> 2 byte signed constant
  • Action 186 - Branch if >= 2 byte signed constant
  • Action 187 - Branch if < 2 byte signed constant
  • Action 188,0 - Exit if = 2 byte signed constant
  • Action 188,1 - Exit if <> 2 byte signed constant
  • Action 188,2 - Exit if >= 2 byte signed constant
  • Action 188,3 - Exit if < 2 byte signed constant
  • Action 73, 30 - Get Last Security Mode before disarmed
  • Action 73,31 - Get GSM Network Strength
Please download Action Codes Reference from

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 Posted: Friday Oct 4th, 2013 11:41 am
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Joined: Wednesday Aug 9th, 2006
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Changes in KT03 Configuration

KT03 Duplicate  pages
In KT03  pages, right click should have Duplicate Page to  duplicate the page and buttons to a new page. This was not possible before.

KT03 Connection Settings
Connecting by KT03 has been simplified. Please read this carefully as the changes are significant
The connection by KT03's USB port is in Options > Settings, select USB and "Via KT03" checkbox. "Via KT03" is seen only if there is at least 1 KT03 in the system.

In the screenshot above, USB is selected. There are 2 KT03s in the system so you can select which KT03 to connect to. Then select the USB serial number from the dropdown list

You can also connect to KT03 via the UCM instead of direct to the KT03 USB Port. Connecting via UCM (and the Comfort Bus) is much slower than connecting by KT03 USB but it is more convenient especially if you are connecting remotely using UCM/ETH02 (in which case it is the only possibility)

Hence if the connection is via one KT03 in the system, the other KT03 is automatically connected via UCM (ie the other KT03 as UCM). Remember that a KT03 also acts as a UCM ie you can program Comfort through the KT03s USB port

In KT03 Properties, the Connection Type is read only depending on the UCM Connection- you no longer select the KT03 USB serial number here.

If the UCM Connection setting is via KT03 USB, then in that KT03's Properties, the Connection Type is shown as USB.

If there are more than 1 KT03, only the KT03 that is used as the USB connection will have connection type as USB - Other KT03s connection type are shown as UCM, as the other KT03s will be connected via the 1st KT03s USB.

KT03 Default Template
New in Options > KT03 Default Template

This default KT03 template with extension .kt3x is the KT03 template that is used when a new KT03 is added manually or by scanning. Previously a blank KT03 template was loaded

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