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Comfort Firmware 7.037 (Beta)
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 Posted: Saturday Sep 21st, 2013 05:28 am
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ULT 7.037 Beta firmware is available for download from

The changes are;
  1. added action 73,31 get gsm network strength
  2. Fixed bug action 73,30 save lastsecurity mode did not work
  3. Add action 189 for blinds cntrol
  4. Added action 155 to send customised messages to UCM/GSM4
  5. Added action 73,31 get gsm network strength 0 to 4 to allow program to check network strength
  6. Fixed bug action 73,30 get  last security mode did not work
  1. Support Phone Permits for each phone index used by UCM/GSM
  2. For gsm if sms command not permitted, reply "not permitted" to verified phone by sms
  3. Record sms receive in event log when SMS command from UCM/GSM is arm or disarm, not when caller id verified
  4. For GSM fixed  bug - reset when  control group > 6
  5. For GSM  "Invalid Command" reply to gsm not gsm4
  6. For GSM send control menu status 2 seconds  after query or command is received to allow time for status to be received
  7. For GSM When SMS command for control menu is received by UCM/GSM, the status of the control menu will be sent to incoming phone by SMS after 2 second delay
  8. UCM/GSM alarm sms messages removed the alarm number before the alarm name (except for SPC firmware where this is needed for UCM/CMS)
  9. Send Timestamp (24 hours format) to UCM/GSM SMS before alarm message
  10. For UCM/GSM when user sends SMS command to  GSM, when sms caller id accepted, add to event log "SMS Phone N OK" Requires myma37 (or kate37). Requuires sentence upgrade only as no new words were added
  11. For UCM/GSM if arm and disarm command is received by SMS, will reply state of security mode (security off, away mmode, night mode, day mode, vacation mode).  If the system is already in the same security mode, the reply will send the current security mode also.
  12. Added action 155 to send customised messages to UCM/GSM4
  1. Support UCM/Zwave3 polling  when needed by GSM and control menu and CM command from App, not from KT03 yet
  2. Support UCM/Zwave polling Zwave nodes enable/disable, when control menu or app requires zwave status, end polling of Zwave when exit from control menu or keypad or phone menu
Bugs Fixed
  1. Fixed Bug Vocab upgrade failed at Sentence Upgrade. Repeat Sentence Upgrade will work. Now sentence upgrade after vocab completed will halt for refresh but will continue
  2. Fix BUG when module lost comms but not lost power (by disconnect KAKB and not 12V) and is connected again so id becomes good, comms is restored by the module does not report its id information so u? reports FFFFFF and comfigurator has status still as "not found" for the module that has recovered.
  3. Fixed BUG  from 6.020   reminder enable for reminders 9 to 16 same as Reminder enable 1 to 8 and Time Program enables for 9 to 16 same as 1 to 8
  4. fixed BUG from 6.020 erase_eeprom did not work. UCM erase eeprom on Comfort by pressing download button did not  erase whole eeprom
  5. Fix Bug If ucm is  zwave ie replaced with another ucm without reset of comfort, Comfort thinks the UCM is still zwave
  6. Fix BUG voice menu control group select wrong group cause jump to wrong menu!
  7. Fixed bug when zone from on > trouble > Off does not report zone off. Caused problem in soft EOL for no EOL setting
  8. Fixed bug action 73,30 get  last security mode did not work
  9. Fixed bug where polling for UCMZwave id sometimes returns 00000 which means UCM is not a  zwave id due to slow response of UCM
  1. Functions are supported in Comfigurator 3.7.x
  2. Implement function Thermostat
  3. Implement function Blinds
BS8243 (UK Alarm)
  1. Implemented Status > Outputs for BS8243 including Confirmed and Unconfirmed alarms, Panic, Inhibit, Set/Unset, Tamper. These assigned outputs are automaticallly turned on and off according to BS8243 for use in Redcare monitored systems
  2. Implemented notification delay (30 seconds ) and deviation from entry path requirements of BS8243 - 2010
  3. Disabled flashing of RED/GREEN OUTPUTS in status > Outputs when there is trouble or alarm to reduce output commands on the Comfort Bus
  4. For BS8243 security outputs, disarm  clears tamper alarm output when all tampers cleared, instead of when tamper input  is restored  . This means that if SEM has comms failure when armed cause tamper alarm, and is restored, disarm will clear the tamper
  1. Keypad buttons - if arm keys are pressed, end menu
  2. If keypad disarns system during alarm, dont go to user menu, say thank you goodbye, dont play  alarm history after disarm. only play alarm history if in alarm.  Alarm history confusing to (some) users
  3. Tamper alarm if security is off, the external SIREN is not turned on  EN50131-1 Table 7 does not permit Tamper to sound external bellbox if system is not armed
  4. If ignore line cut is enabled, and line cut is detected, set  LOCAL relay  so local phone can access. No need to set Nondetector alarm for Line Cut =0. Before if doorbell used when no phone line , must NOT ignore line cut so local phone can be used. To preveent alarm set nondetector alarm = 0. Now can ignore linecut and use local phone
  5. Implemented Soft EOL, Triple EOL settings for zones. Need Comfigurator 3.7.5 and above. This can replace the shunts in each zone
General Improvements
  1. Implemented Serial Number function for Comfort and other UCMs with firmware 7.020 and above
  2. Implemented compare of  IVS info in flash memory and in DSP so that KP * 1 willl not start if the compare is wrong and keep repeating if IVS or flash is corrupted
  3. Flags and Counters are nonvolatile ie when reset will not be cleared to 0
  4. Improvements in firmware upgrade
  5. Change cold start date to 29/8/2013

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 Posted: Saturday Sep 21st, 2013 07:50 am
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Post says we need to use Myma37 or Kate37 for some of the new features. Where can we get these as for example on main website it only lists Myma36.


 Posted: Saturday Sep 21st, 2013 08:02 am
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Joined: Saturday Apr 29th, 2006
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Myma37 is now available

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