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Start Entry Delay in Night Mode
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 Posted: Sunday Aug 4th, 2013 04:27 am
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When the system is armed to Night mode, motion detectors may be active.
This may cause false alarms when people forget to  disarm the system when moving around the house

It is possible to start an entry delay in Night mode when the detector is triggered so giving users a chance to disarm the system

In the Zone Response of the detector assign a Response as follows;

If Security Mode = Night Mode
   Start Entry Delay

Another application is in Night Mode, opening a window will cause an alarm
People often forget that the system is armed, and open the window causing an alarm

It is possible to  start an entry delay when an internal motion detector has been triggered  first

The Motion Detector Response is programmed as follows
If SecurityMode = NightMode Then
    Do NullResponse After 30 Seconds Using nightWindowTimer
End If

This starts a timer for 30 seconds. During the 30 seconds opening the window is programmed to start entry delay

The window Zone Response is programmed as folows;

If Timer nightWindowTimer <> 0 Then
    Start EntryDelay
End If

This starts an entry delay only if the nightWindowTimer is running

Change Entry Delay can be placed before Start entry delay to use a different entry delay than the normal entry delay

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