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Comfigurator Bug causes KNX Spurious Response
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 Posted: Tuesday Aug 21st, 2012 01:33 pm
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We have just found a bug in Comfigurator up to 3.5.2 which may cause a problem in UCM/KNX

In KNX to Comfort, if you have a Group Address assigned to Drive Control (1-bit) mapped to a Counter, Comfigurator does not write the correct value to the EEPROM

When the telegram with the Drive Control Group Address is received, it may trigger a spurious response in Comfort
This problem was discovered and reported by ekarak in this forum
In that case it caused a spurious telegram to be sent to KNX
May thanks to ekarak for the feedback and information which helped us to track down the problem.

The bug has been fixed in Comfigurator 3.5.4, see
This is beta but it should be released officially soon
Please upgrade to this sofware version as soon as possible

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