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UCM 6.028 Beta
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 Posted: Saturday Jul 14th, 2012 10:40 am
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Changes in UCM 6.028 Beta

This firmware has important changes  to the operation of the UCM buttons.
The DOWNLOAD button causes the U2 EEPROM to be downloaded into Comfort. An accidental press can easily default the Comfort configuration or even write a different file system into it. This firmware prevents this  by requiring the button to be pressed and held for 3 seconds. The U3 EEPROM (Copy) is no longer used.
The Upload button will read the Comfort configuration into the U2 EEPROM, not the U3 EEPROM. Hence use the UPLOAD button to read the configuration into U2 as a backup. In order to restore the configuration, press and hold the DLOAD button. This is a useful safety mechanism. The firmware is attached for testing
  1. Vocab Upgrade changed sequence of operations so Initial VP will erase and initialise voice with 30+ seconds delay. Subsequent VL lines when VP has acknowledged will have short delay. Requires Comfigurator 3.5.2 to work Do not upgrade Vocabulary with prior versions of Comfigurator
  2. Vocab Upgrade - if initial  VP is repeated after time-out, ignore the 2nd VP so Comfort can have time to acknowledge  if the 1st VP times out in
  3. During Vocab upgrade, if  interuupted or stopped, sends a Reset to Comfort so it can poll other Ids. Comfort only polls the UCM during Vocab upgrading.
  4. Fixed bug when Vocab upgrading is repeated after error or stopped, UCM would send VP0001 error message.
  5. Change in UCM buttons functions. COPY and COMPARE have no function because U3 EEPROM socket will be removed and J2 shunt will be fixed in future UCM hardware
  6. Download, Upload and Test Buttons need to be pressed for 3 seconds in order to work so as to prevent accidental operation which may default the Comfort configuration. When any button is pressed, RDY goes off. If the button is released before 3 seconds, the RDY comes on again.
  7. DOWNLOAD button will work only if the U2 file system matches the Comfort firmware, so that the wrong file system cannot be written to Comfort
  8. UPLOAD button will upload to U2 eeprom, not U3
  9. TEST Button will test the U2 EEPROM not U3

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