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Which UCM's do I need?
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 Posted: Thursday May 17th, 2012 11:22 pm
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Hi all,

As you will see from my other posts I have two Comfort panels a Gen 1 and a Gen2.

I have a UCM01 RS232 (with a serial to IP converter attached so it appears on my network) connected to the Gen 1 and a UCM / Eth02 connected to the Gen2.

I want to be able to send IP commands to the panels from Demopad's IPAD control software and initiate comfort responses.

Can the UCM's I have do this or do I need a universal UCM /Eth02 combination in each as well?

Will a current Universal UCM work with the Gen 1 comfort.




 Posted: Friday May 18th, 2012 04:14 am
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The UCMs (UCM01, UCM/USB, RS232, ETH) communicate according to the Comfort serial protocol, see

UCM/Universal can be configured to respond to another systems command protocol

If the other system can be programmed to send commands to Comfort  using Comfort protocol then the "general" UCM can be used
For the UCM01 (Gen 1 UCM) the full comfort protocol is not implemented as the protocol has been extended over the years. The serial protocol document should show when each command is implemented

If the other system has its own fixed protocol then use the Universal UCM

Gen 1 Comfort and UCM01 will not be able to work with the Universal UCM

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