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How to Reset Lost User Code
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 Posted: Thursday Jul 21st, 2011 12:41 am
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If all the user codes are lost or forgotten, you can reset the code by one of the following ways.

First note that if a wrong code has been entered 6 times, there is a "sign in tamper" alarm. This locks out further entry of codes, until the correct code is entered 2 times in succession. eg if the code is 1234
  1. enter 1234# on the keypad. There will be a long beep indicating wrong code
  2. enter 1234# again. This time the code will be accepted and the sign in tamper is reset,
Resetting Lost user codes
By Keypad
You will need to know the Engineer Code, default is 6789
Press F0 on the keypad followed by the engineer code and # key, eg F0 6789#
If the 1st attempt fails, try entering 6789# again
The keypad should say "Engineer MenU, press .."
Press 9 for Program Menu
Press 5 for User Codes
Press 0 to erase Mailboxes
Press 1 to confirm
Press F to exit
The user code has been reset to the default 1234

By Comfigurator
You will need to know the Engineer Code, default is 6789
Press F0 on the keypad to enable Engineer Code
Open the Comfigurator file for the system. If you do not have the file for the installation, open a default template correponding to the Comfort system ie Comfort 2 Ultra ,  Comfort 1 Pro etc
Log in with Engineer Code
If the 1st attempt fails, try entering 6789# again
In Modules and Settings> Configuration Flags , check "Write User Codes"
Go to Security > Sign in Codes, and enter the new User code for user 1 (or other users).
Go to Transfer > Write Selective.
Select Sign in Codes from the list which appears
This will write the new codes into Comfort
Uncheck the "Write User Codes" box in Modules and settings so a new write will not overwrite any user codes that have been changed

The UCM contains a default  EEPROM in U2 for Comfort 2 Ultra. This will default the whole configuration, not just the user codes. Press DLOAD button the write the configuration to Comfort. This will take a few minutes with the Busy  leds blinking. When completed, the RDY green led on the UCM will be steady

If the system is in alarm and the user codes have been forgotten
We see such cases believe it or not
You have to wait for the alarm to stop usually after 5 minutes before the engineer code can be accepted and you can use the first two methods described above

if the Engineer code and user codes are not known, then the only solution is a new U4 or to download a known configuration using the UCM with a Master U4 and pressing the DLOAD button. This copies the Master U4 on the UCM to the Comfort.

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