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Extend Zone Sensitivity
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 Posted: Monday Apr 18th, 2011 10:01 am
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Zone Sensitivity is defined as the time required for a zone to be active before a change of state to the  "ON" state is detected by Comfort.

The Sensitivity values range from 10 ms to 850 ms and can be programmed for each Zone Type in Comfigurator Security Types > Zone Types.

Hence 850 ms is the maximum value of sensitivity that can be applied to any zone type.

In some applications a longer zone type may be desired, when Comfort is monitoring some industrial machinery or mechanism. It is possible to go beyond the maximum of 850 ms by using the Action for Set Extended Zone Sensitivity. This is found in Response Wizard > Category Input, see screenshot below;

Action : Set Extended Zone Sensitivity
Parameter:    count (1 to 5)
This action extends the sensitivity of a zone by the count parameter 1 to 5. The maximum zone sensitivity is 850 ms. Some industrial equipment may have transient switching of relays which must be ignored but  may last longer than 850 ms. This action must be assigned to the ZONE ON Response. If the sensitivity count = 2, the zone sensitivity will be doubled, the zone must be activated for 1700 ms before the alarm is activated. Note that the zone will be reported as ON to the RS485 bus and UCM, and the zone ON response will be activated after the normal sensitivity
Sensivitiy Count 3       
The zone sensitivity is 3 times the programmed sensitivity of the zone type. However the zone activation will be reported 3 times on the RS485 bus and hence on the UCM. The alarm type will only be activated after the zone is activated for the extended sensitivity time.
Parameter 0, ie 112,0 is ignored

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