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Different methods of Upgrading Firmware by UCM
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 Posted: Monday Mar 15th, 2010 07:38 am
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The Firmware upgrade options available for various products are shown below
A UCM/USB, UCM/Ethernet  and the Comfigurator Software are needed  to do the firmware upgrade (except for Comfort I products)

Can be Upgraded by UCM firmware v6 (without Programming Cable)
  1. Comfort II firmware
  2. SEM firmware
  3. UCM/GSM, KNX, CBUS, Velbus, Universal, Zwave and other UCMs that are connected to 3rd party products
  4. KP06
  5. KT03
UCM/ETH or UCM/USB version 6 and above can be used to do the upgrade. see for instructions.

If the upgrading fails due to an error, just try again - Do not reset the target module or remove power as that may corrupt the firmware and require an Upgrade by UCM programming cable to fix it.

Can be Upgraded by UCM firmware 5.178+ with Programming Cable
  1. Comfort II versions 5.100 and above
  2. SEM II versions 5.100 and above
  3. UCM/USB, UCM/232, UCM/Ethernet, UCM/EIB, UCM/CBUS, UCMGSM, CWM 5.100 and above
  4. MPU01 Firmware 5.100 and above
  5. KT03
This is necessary when you have an older UCM which is not able to upgrade by the above method
See instructions ar

UCM/ETH UCM/USB with firmware 5.178 and above should be used for firmware upgrade as it does not require a prior login, and can recover from an error during  the upgrading process.
A UCM/ETH, UCM/232, or UCM/USB requires another UCM with a programming cable to upgrade. Once the UCM is upgraded to version 6 it can be upgraded using Direct Connection after that
The Programming cable method is the most reliable way of firmware upgrade if you are next to the Comfort system.
Requires MPU01 Plug-in Upgrade
  1. Comfort II firmware < 5.100
  2. SEM II firmware < 5.100
MPU plug in with firmware > 5.100 will allow future firmware upgrades by UCM, hence all Comfort II products can be upgraded
Flash firmware can be identified by the version number being higher than 5.100. Firmware < 5.100 does not use Flash so it cannot be upgraded without the MPU01 plug in module

Requires Upgrade U1 IC
  1. Comfort I
  2. SEM 1
  3. UCM01
Upgrade firmware .cbf files can be downloaded from

Please note that only firmware of the same type can be used to upgrade a module. For example, Comfort Ii Ultra can only be upgraded with Comfort II Ultra firmware, Slave SEM can only be upgraded with Slave firmware etc. 

Firmware Upgrade does not affect the programming of the Comfort or other module which has been upgraded. It is not necessary to open the cclx file to do firmware upgrade

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 Posted: Thursday Jun 28th, 2012 04:06 am
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Instructions for upgrading Firmware of Comfort, UCMs and other modules can be found at

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